Spring calling | The Antalya Dress

Seriously, there’s so much I wish to share with you that I’m actually a bit lost at where should I begin …

There are still a couple of outfits that were sewn before winter that never made it here – and trust me, they need to, and the Easter dress that I can’t wait to share with you and finally a bit of self-sewing that has also been happening around here (and while I’m not sure about the success rate of these, I can assure you that I’m officially hooked…).

Well, but today, I would like to present you the Antalya dress, which is part of Willow & Co new SS2015 collection, to be released today (at an introductory price) 😉 The Antalya dress was designed by the hugely talented Olga that blogs at  Kid Approved and I was lucky to be selected for the testing process.

Testing a new pattern is not as easy as it might appear – it does allow us to learn a lot from what goes on behind the scenes, but trust me, there’s quite a few work before a pattern can actually be available to all of us.

During this testing process, I made 2 versions of the Antalya dress and despite the fact that the latest version is obviously the one that you will be able to purchase, I fell in love with both versions (and yes, my girl as well, so both versions will be actually worn).


My favorite feature from the Antalya dress are the side/front gathers that give it quite a unique twist – the design it’s modern but it still manages to appeal to my classic approach to children’s clothes.


You can easily add piping (or other type of trim) along the side curves of the dress in order to further accentuate the design.


The dress is quite a simple sew and it can easily be done by a beginner. The back closes with an exposed zipper or a bias bound slit with button loops (my option for both versions). I didn’t managed to construct the bias button slit exactly as it was intended by the pattern – I totally failed following the instructions for the first version (mine is too short) and didn’t had enough fabric to make it as requested for the second version. But I think I got pretty close (and no, it isn’t difficult, it was really “me” 😦 ).

Antalya Dress_v1#1

As you can see the first version – made in denim with Liberty accent – is a bit short on my girl (this has been corrected in the final version), but it’s still wearable and we both love it.

Antalya Dress_v1#3

This is the second version – seersucker with Liberty accent again (love this combo), and as you can see the fit is much better on my girl (sorry it was raining when these photos were taken, so I had to resource to “good old bribery” – wearing mommy’s shoes is actually the one that provides better results).

Antalya Dress v2_New5

It’s actually a bit large (not much) and to be honest, I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that it will last her the entire season.


I was initially captivated by the side gathers of this dress and after sewing two versions it’s still my favorite feature. Looks awfully sweet and can be worn by little and older girls alike.

Antalya Dress_v2#4

During the testing process, I saw so many gorgeous versions of this dress – with piping or lace trimming around the curves, color blocking and in all-in-one color and even a knit version (!) – that I can honestly say this is a great pattern for showcasing your creativity.  Antalya Dress_v2#1

Olga’s instructions are great (as usual) and I know this won’t disappoint 🙂 The Antalya dress is definitely a great spring pattern and one that I will be using for years to come.

Thank you so much Olga (and all the other testers) for such a great experience.

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

18 thoughts on “Spring calling | The Antalya Dress

  1. I Love both of your versions! your choice of fabric is so classy and classic, also very age appropriate. I think the length and fit is perfect! Excellent job Ana Sofia!

  2. Thank you so much Ana Sofia for sewing such gorgeous dresses and for your kind words! I am very happy you and your daughter like them! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Olga – It’s such a fab pattern! You did an amazing job – Congratulations and thank you again for having me 😉

    1. lol Thank you Soraia! I like the shorter version, but it’s not a good option for my girl – she’s always running and jumping …

  3. It is such a great pattern and you made two great versions 😉 Love the fabrics combo and how they fit on your daughter 🙂

    1. Thank you Maria João! Your version is one of my favorites – I loved the exposed zipper in the back and the floral piping 😉

  4. Oh mine… Those dresses are beautiful! I have a soft spot for the seersucker one with that liberty fabric… And I completely agree with you. Those side gathers make the dress so special…

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