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Blog tour | Infinite A-line Dress

As usual, life (i.e. work) has been keeping me away from this little space. Sorry 😦 Obviously, keeping me away from sewing takes a bit more than that, so … I have another lovely little dress to show you 🙂   I know, PINK 😉 I wish I could tell that I didn’t purchased this fabric,… Continue reading Blog tour | Infinite A-line Dress

Sewing for Miss M

Sewing update | Stacia, Stella and Mary Dee

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last post here. Sorry! Between the mandatory office work, there have been additional work requests (which I’m truly thankful for), a couple of celebrations to prepare (a First Communion and a Confirmation) and much more in-between, I hardly have any time left lately. Hence, I decided to keep… Continue reading Sewing update | Stacia, Stella and Mary Dee