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Sewing update | Stacia, Stella and Mary Dee

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last post here. Sorry!

Between the mandatory office work, there have been additional work requests (which I’m truly thankful for), a couple of celebrations to prepare (a First Communion and a Confirmation) and much more in-between, I hardly have any time left lately.

Hence, I decided to keep advantage of this “sewing-break” and take the chance to post here some cute dresses that have been long postponed.

They are all from the same company – Children’s Corner, and as usual these were all such a pleasure to sew.

I own several Children’s Corner patterns (they are only available as paper patterns, but totally worth the international shipping) and have yet to find one that I dislike. I’m usually attracted by their timeless yet contemporary lines. Children’s Corner are definitely among my favorites and ones that I keep coming back for more.

#1 – Stacia

I should be ashamed to mention that this dress was actually sewn in early fall. We’re now heading for summer …

I had sewn a summer version (short sleeves) before and loved it so I knew a fall version was required.


Usually, I’m not a huge fan of peasant-style dresses, but this one actually looks great – the tiered skirts are not overwhelming and I love the way the bodice fits on my girl.


For this version I used a soft viyella paisley print and a deep-red ribbon in-between the skirt panels.

This dress is a size 7 (she was 6-years) and on these pictures it looks a bit large on her. But, trust me it wasn’t large a few months later (and she was able to use it during the winter season).


#2 – Stella

Next on my sewing list, was another Children’s Corner pattern that caught my eyes. The Stella dress features a timeless silhouette – it’s an unlined A-line dress with 2 different sleeve options, that would look great with some sort of embroidery in the front.


As my sewing machine doesn’t come with an embroidery option, I decided to add some interest with trims. I used 3 different types of trims to accomplished this final look – a turquoise lace trim, a white eyelet trim and a small sating ribbon.


I would definitely recommend this pattern for a novice seamstress – It’s a rather simple dress to sew and one that never goes out of style.

The nice lady at the local shop where I purchased my trims and buttons was very impressed with this dress. She said she always loved the way A-line dresses look on little girls. Precious, indeed …


Again a size 7, with some room to grow – I’m sure this one will last her to the end of the summer season.

(Yes, mom’s bracelet was needed for this picture!)

#3 – Mary Dee

The Mary Dee is a sundress, jumper or pinafore that can be made smocked or unsmocked. It has a V-necked wrapped back fastened with buttons.

Mary Dee#1

I did the unsmocked version using a Liberty print (quilting cotton). I’m totally partial about the wrapped back. Obviously my favorite part of this dress ❤

Mary Dee#4

I don’t even think the pictures make any justice to this dress – it’s absolutely amazing!

Mary Dee#3

This dress requires a large amount of fabric but the final result is definitely worth it. On a side note, I did took a bit of length off this dress. The original was much longer, but I prefer it shorter (and there’s still enough hem to let down if needed).

Mary Dee#6

My girl raved about the twirl ❤

Mary Dee#5

See, why I love sewing dresses? There are always so many options and designs ❤

I think these are all wonderful. Don’t you agree? or do you have a favorite?

Happy sewing,

xo, Ana Sofia

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  1. So glad you have been able to blog again. I am always amazed at how much sewing you get accomplished! Love the print and the pattern for the Mary De dress, especially that twirl factor!!

  2. Super duper cute!! I especially love the Mary Dee – the front silhouette was great and then I saw the back, which is even more adorable!

  3. Lovely as usual 🙂 Just bought a couple of CC patterns, under your influence, a few time ago 😉 but none of these unfortunately! You made beautiful versions.

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