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I’m sure you’ve already spotted all the lovely Ishi dresses that have been showing everywhere.

I’m a bit (lots) partial on An’s patterns since I’ve tested all of them to date (including her free Lua Sleep sack for dolls – still to be blogged …) and I love them all 🙂

The Ishi dress was not exception. I was capture by this dress the minute I saw a preview by An on Straightgrain. I’m not quite sure if it were the pockets (two big pockets perfectly placed on the dress), the color block potential or the sleek lines that did it for me. All I knew was that it immediately become a must-have pattern for my girl.

The most challenging part for me was choosing the color/fabric combo for this dress. I wanted something beautiful (obviously!), girly (again, obvious!) but that would take me a bit outside from my comfort zone (Liberty and floral prints). It wasn’t easy, but I finally made my choices: White pique for the main dress and sleeves, sand linen for the side panels and a Liberty cotton print that is a bit unusual to me (although I had already used it before, here).


Sewing this dress is really simple. The Ishi is definitely a pattern for a beginner – mainly straight lines to sew and even the hidden zipper is quite easy to tackle (mine was not as “hidden” as it should be, but it does look rather nice).

For this version, I selected short sleeves (the pattern also includes long sleeves), straight pockets with an hidden zipper in the back (there’s also a button-back option up to size 6. I did a size 7).


I loved the result, but to be honest I was a bit concern about using white for a dress that has a huge potential to be used for carrying pebbles, tiny flowers and all sorts of seeds (yes, I find all this and much more in my girl’s pockets at the end of the day).


Obviously, I shouldn’t be, because the minute my girl saw this dress, she declared it “her special” dress. As such, it’s safe to assume that no pebbles, tiny flowers and seeds will make their way into these pockets, right? (I know, who am I kidding 😉 ).


The dress is still a bit big on my girl, which is great as I’m planning on having her wear this dress for a very special occasion in 2-months time and I’m sure the fit will be great by then.

We did a photo session in a close-by park and several people (all women) passing by commented on the dress (and the pockets). Some of them actually stopped and asked me for the shop’s name!


My girl was so proud! Me too, of course, but I knew An was the one that should be taking all the credit for yet another amazing pattern 😉

Thank you so much An for having me on the ISHI Blog Tour ❤


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And if you can’t resist the urge to make an Ishi (or two) you may wish to check (and enter) the Ishi contest going on until July 2nd. The prizes are fabulous 😉

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

13 thoughts on “ISHI | Blog Tour

  1. Thank you SO much for creating such a beautiful Ishi, Ana Sofia. I absolutely adore your version, and reading your lovely post made me instantly happy and proud. You write that I’m the one who earns the credit for the fact that people asked you about the dress, but honestly Ana Sofia: I have never been asked that question about Norah’s Ishi’s, so it’s clear that it has everything to do with YOUR splendid fabric choices. 🙂

    1. Thank you An! You really should be proud of this pattern. The dress stands out from the crowd regardless of the fabric options (I loved yours so much!!)! Congratulations 🙂

    1. Obrigada Maria João 🙂 Estava (e estou) com receio do branco, mas ficou muito giro (não acredito que dure muito assim tão imaculado. Ela já começou a encher os bolsos de flores …)

  2. hehe Yeah the definition of ‘special’ night be somewhat different for younger humans 😉 Still I think that white is a lovely choice for a summer dress. Love your fabrics combo. I once forgot to check my daughter’s pockets after a full day at childcare and put her dress in the wash… just to discover later it was full of sand and small rocks 😀 Needless to say this only happened once hehe

    1. Totally agree – I really wasn’t expecting such a warm response to this dress.
      I’m sure most kids are like mine – she always finds so many “treasures” in the playground. Unfortunately, I have the bad habit of not checking them regularly before putting them in the wash – no major harm done so far, but I’m sure it will happen one day 🙂

    1. Obrigada Paula – os bolsos são sempre bemvindos (são a primeira coisa que ela verifica quando veste algo pela primeira vez).

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