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KCW June 2015 | Star Seashore Dress

I’m sure we’re all familiar with KCW’s motto by now: “Sew clothes for your kids, 1 hour, each day for, 7 days“.

Considering each day has 24 hours, accomodating 1 hour for sewing looks pretty easy, right?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the previous KCW editions (here, here and here), sewing is easy, but taking pictures and blogging about it can be pretty challenging!

So, I won’t be promising a daily post during this KCW, but I will definitely make a huge effort to get my daily dose of sewing time 🙂

I’m not quite sure if summer is my favorite season (I was born in the Fall …), but summer sewing is definitely a lot of fun: light fabrics, easy pieces and lots of color.

I could fill my girl’s wardrobe with sundresses – well, actually I might already do that – and the great thing is that they all get lots of wear. We spend so much playing outside and going places that there’s always need for an extra sundress.

There are lots of great patterns out there, and the Oliver+S Seashore dress is among my favorites.

Star Sundress#3

There are so many things to love about this pattern (besides their well-known sewing instructions): the fit is great, it’s perfect for beach wear (we love it), it’s actually an easy pattern to tackle and it always last at least 2 summer seasons around here.

Star Sundress#4

For this year version, I choose a medium-weight twill with powder-blue starts (thank you Rita for the advise) and it worked quite well – gathering was a bit more challenging, but the outcome is great 🙂

Star Sundress#1

I must confess that my girl wasn’t very impressed with my fabric choice (“too boyish“, were her exact words! She does loves the dress, nonetheless), but I had a major crush as soon as I saw this print: it’s blue, it’s actually very actual (stars are everywhere this summer), the price/quality ratio was great and I have big plans to sew her brother a pair of matching shorts 🙂

Star Sundress#2

Hopefully, I will be able to sew the shorts before the end of this KCW.

See you tomorrow (fingers crossed …).

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia


11 thoughts on “KCW June 2015 | Star Seashore Dress

  1. LOVE this “stars” — stars in several sizes, white on a pale blue background — sundress for your young girl! A change from your usual small floral prints! The pattern seems like a true classic with the lower skirt wide ruffle & button tab closures at the front bodice. It’s a FAB Oliver + S design, as you stated “well known sewing instructions.” BRAVO! Sarah in Minneapolis

    1. 🙂 Ainda não fiz os calções para ele, mas já usei a versão rosa com bolinhas para ela. Logo que consiga, faço um post. Obrigada pela dica, o tecido é ótimo 🙂

  2. Resultou lindamente a combinação do molde com o tecido 😉 Ficou muito giro! 🙂

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