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KCW June 2015 | Girls Style Tunic

There are still a couple of days left until the end of KCW but (as usual) I’m struggling combine sewing, photographing and blogging every single day.

As most of the sewing happens in the wee hours of the night, the pictures (and blogging) is often postponed to the next day – if everyone is in a good mood 😉

This tunic/top was one of those KCW pieces that was completed in the wee hours of the night. The pattern (M) from a Japanese book: Girls Style Book (English version) and it has been on my sewing list for quite a while. It’s actually my first sewing project from this book.


The Broderie Anglaise fabric was purchased from Ratucos in the beginning of the year and I have been saving it for this project. They only had a tiny bit left when I shop, but it was just enough for making this top (this is size 8 with added seams allowances).


The top is absolutely adorable – obviously I’m a bit partial with tops with flutter sleeves – and I can see a couple of more being added to her closet in the future.

It was a great pattern to sew – the instructions were simple and just enough to get you through all the steps. As most Japanese books, the pictures did most of the task 😉

My only regret: the fabric is a bit see-through (it annoys me more than I care to admit and I will probably find a way to add a full lining to it) but I only notice it when it was finished (yes, the joys of late night sewing …).

Of course, it’s new owner couldn’t care less about it. She insisted on wearing it to school the next day (with these white shorts).


Much to my surprise, both pieces were still looking “quite good” when she got home. So, I seize the opportunity for making a short photo session – just don’t look too closely at those wrinkles and stains.


The fabric only had Broderie Anglaise on one side border (the other side was plain), but that doesn’t stop me from using it (the shop got more of this fabric later, but I never managed to order more). The back of the top doesn’t have Broderie Anglaise, but I still think it looks great ❤


The only mod I did was adding buttons to the back (instead of the original button loop). Usually I’m not a big fan of having an open back opening and prefer a more formal option.


This book has 24 patterns (sizes range from 2 to 10 years) and I plan on sewing most of them. The tops and blouses are among my favorites – and on the top of my list, but there are a few dresses that I would also love to sew.

Now, back to sewing …

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia


10 thoughts on “KCW June 2015 | Girls Style Tunic

  1. A túnica ficou linda e o tecido é maravilhoso!! Adorei 🙂
    (A Trae tela também tem, ou pelo menos tinha, deste tecido em azul e cor de rosa e só não comprei porque não enviam para cá 😉 )

    1. Quando encomendei eles estavam à espera de reposição e deram-me a opção de ficar com o que havia em stock (acho que não chegava a 50 cm) ou esperar por mais. Como o tecido não era barato, acabei por aproveitar ao máximo o que havia e deu à justa para este top. Também vi na Traetela, mas ainda não me consegui “convencer” a voltar a encomendar (é lindo, e faz um top maravilhoso, mas é demasiado transparente para o meu gosto). É uma pena eles não enviarem para fora da penísula (se precisares, podemos combinar) 🙂

    1. Thank you Kristine! I added a bit of length to the original pattern because I wanted to take full advantage of the Broderie Anglaise.

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