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KCW June 2015 | French Sewing

KCW is officially over, yet I still have a couple of outfits to post here (hope that sounds familiar to some of you 😉

Remember this picture from earlier last week?

The cute (and I really mean cute) chambray shorts at the bottom are from Papillon&Mandarine (Léon shorts – I have the french version, but there’s an English version available now) and although the shorts were finished one day before the KCW started, I knew I wanted to sew a matching top before posting them here.


In my humble opinion, you can paired chambray with most everything and it will always look great!

Yet, I had purchased a small piece of Liberty (Ella and Libby) from eBay and waited until the package arrived at my doorstep on the very last day of KCW.

I was completely smitten by these colors: red, pink, yellow and bits of blue and green. It screams summer, right?


I’ve lost track on the number of dresses and blouses I made from the lovely Colombine (also from Papilllon&Mandarine and also with an English version already available) and when I saw this tutorial (here) for making a sleeveless Colombine top with added ruffles, I knew it was the perfect summer top!  


The tutorial (free) is only available in French, but it’s totally doable if you understand the basics and, especially, if you’ve made the Colombine pattern before – the construction for the sleeveless version is a tad bit different, but it’s pretty easy to achieve.

As I didn’t have enought yardage for the entire top, the armhole bias were made using scraps from other print.

Colombine & Leon#2

I wish I had taken better pictures of this outfit on my girl (I love it so much), but with temperatures around 38º C outside at the end of the day, she was definitely not in the mood for modelling 😦

Colombine & Leon#1

And yes, just in case you noticed it – she’s holding the camera remote control (hence the slightly blurry pictures).

Trust me, sometimes you really need to know which wars are worth fighting for 🙂

Colombine & Leon#4

I almost forgot to mention – both pieces are size 8 (with added lenght for the top).

I can’t believe my “baby girl” has grown this much! Time really does fly …

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia


19 thoughts on “KCW June 2015 | French Sewing

  1. Que conjunto giro!! Adoro os moldes (não é novidade!) e as cores, também tenho esse Liberty nessas cores e é lindo, perfeito para o Verão 😉
    E sim, o tempo voa…

    1. Obrigada Maria João! Eu também gosto imenso de ambos e só não faço mais os Léon, porque ela “embirra” com os botões na hora de vestir/despir (está sempre cheia de pressa …). O top vou repetir certamente – fica mesmo giro vestido e mesmo com os folhos não fica demasiado infantil 😉

    1. I know, I know … She’s always in a rush and I’m the one trying to slow the process (not a chance, obviously) 😦
      Shorts and tops are a great option for summer and work very well for all the climbing and jumping involved. I still need to sew a couple more before the season is over.

    1. Este estampado foi escolha minha (ela achou que parecia “antigo”, mas já se converteu, depois de ouvir os elogios na escola) e fiquei fã – acho que é ainda mais giro ao vivo. Os bubble shorts são os preferidos cá em casa, porque ela não gosta nada dos botões (tem sempre imensa pressa e volta e meia, lá me aparece com os botões nos bolsos para eu voltar a coser).

  2. Size 8 already…they grow up so fast, don’t they? The outfit is beautiful! I think chambray shorts are a must have in anyone’s wardrobe.;)

    1. I don’t think it should be allowed, but this girl is always in a rush!
      Now that I think about it, there have always been a pair of chambray shorts in her closet (they do look great with everything).

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