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Townmouse Patterns |Adelaide Sundress (and a discount code)

I should probably start by apologizing for the long (and totally unintentional) absent from this space. I was planning to stay away for only a couple of weeks (during our summer break), but coming back and settling ourselves into our usual routines is proving more difficult than expected.

Obviously, the fact that mum and dad are already back to work while the kids are still waiting for the start of the school year is not helping (at all)!

Well, I guess that will help us acquire some much needed flexibility and resilience (especially me, as I’m the one doing most of the complains. I’m sure, the kids wouldn’t mind being school-free for yet another couple of months …).

Although my mind is already planning fall sewing, I was delighted to have the opportunity to try yet another Townmouse pattern – The Adelaide Sundress.


In line with other Townmouse patterns, this adorable sundress is so easy to sew – no complicated techniques nor unnecessary details. Just a perfect little summer dress – classic and timeless ❤

My little girl helped me pick this fabric (from a new local quilting shop) and was very excited to have a new dress waiting for her the next morning.


The Adelaide sundress features a pretty shoulder tie and a round neckline, which makes it so easy to dress (and undress). No need for additional zippers or buttons – it was truly a pleasure to sew it.


Both me and my girl were totally smitten by the shoulder bow. It’s such a beautiful detail and, in my opinion, it does makes it such a unique pattern.


The dress has a loser fit, which obviously make it so comfortable to wear, especially when it’s still so hot outside.


This is a size 8. No mods, but I did made a deeper hem, hoping it will last her yet another season.


Nonetheless, “summer weather” will still be around for a couple of weeks before starting to cool-off, so she’ll still have plenty of opportunities for wearing this one.


Discount code: Townmouse is offering 10% off any patterns with the coupon code “Adelaide”. Enjoy 🙂

Coupon badge Adelaide

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

13 thoughts on “Townmouse Patterns |Adelaide Sundress (and a discount code)

  1. Welcome home Ana Sofia. As usual, you chose a lovely print for this dress. The design for the arm openings seems a little large in the photos. Are you happy with the fit, or would you recommend adjusting the pattern to make them smaller?

    1. Thank you Tamera 🙂
      The doll form I’m using for these pictures is a size 6 (and the dress is a size 8) – I might need to upgrade it soon as from now on most of the clothes will start looking larger on “her”.
      Also, currently my girl is a size 7 (width) with a size 8 in length and again this is a size 8 with no mods – I didn’t find the arm openings large on her (there’s no gap and she says it’s quite comfortable) and didn’t made (or recommend making) any adjustments especially if your girl is not in-between sizes. Plus, I know it will fit her better in a few months 🙂

    2. @Tamera
      I just added another picture of her wearing the dress (you can have a better look of the arm openings view from the front of the dress).

  2. Ficou tão giro! Perfeito para o Verão 🙂 Concordo que o laço no ombro fica amoroso 😉

  3. Just beautiful Ana Sofia. And the fit looks perfect on her. I think I prefer this dress without the pockets – I usually make it that way. It’s much quicker to make without the fiddling with the pockets.

  4. That’s gorgeous!! I completely understand you about lack of time. Here I am, five in the morning peeking into my fav sewing blogs, (yours is my top one 🙂 ) I wish I had more free time for sewing…. but being mum of two little ones, full time worker outside home, keeping home tidy and clean it’s hard enough so find some free time for me it’s no easy…. 😦 (sorry about complaining)

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