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Summer last dress (for now, at least)

Kid’s Clothes Week is starting tomorrow (or today, depending on your time zone), so I might take the opportunity to show you probably a last summer dress (there were actually a few more, but I’m not sure if they will be shown here).

This dress was not actually planned in advance, but the day before our summer holidays, I realized that a favorite Geranium dress was lost (it was later found at a cousin’s home so it all end up well) and that was all I needed to know.

Obviously, she didn’t need another dress, but would I miss the opportunity to sew her another one?

Yeah, that’s what I thought (PS. Thank you for the thumbs up, I knew you would understand me). 


Although this new Geranium is rather simple, due to the clever (if I might say so myself) fabric choice it become a perfect dress for travelling (it doesn’t wrinkle and it’s very comfortable to wear when the weather is hot and humid).

I used a navy stripe seersucker from Children’s Corner Store (bought on a summer sale) and added a Liberty piping to the waistline. As most things in life, simple is better. No fancy bows, frills or busy prints and yet, I still love it so much.

I did, nevertheless, added some beautiful red buttons to the back. Love the pop of color 😉


The Geranium does offer several options but mainly because I was running out of time, I selected a few that made it even easier/fast to sew: cap sleeves, gathered skirt and cutout neckline (which, by the way, were the same options I’ve done before).


My girl is still wearing her previous version which was made one-summer ago (it’s not a fitted dress, so you can actually get a lot of her from it), so I have higher expectations for this one as well. To be on the safe side, I made her a size 8, with a longer hem 😉


That’s all for summer sewing, for the time being.

Don’t forget to visit tomorrow (I won’t commit myself to a specific hour, but I’ll do my best to) for Kid’s Clothes Week! Fall sewing is next …

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

18 thoughts on “Summer last dress (for now, at least)

  1. Ana Sofia, your sewing looks so polished. Well done! Of course, your fabric combinations are perfect for the dress design and for a growing girl. Can’t wait to see what you make tomorrow.

  2. It’s lovely! Gerainum dress is one of my favourite pattern for summer. Your daugther looks great!

  3. Yep, perfectly simple. Still, I wouldn’t have thought to use a patterned piping given the stripe in the fabric. THAT’S where you’re clever, you see! 🙂 It is just beautiful. And yep, if a dress is temporarily missing, or even just in the wash, that’s reason enough to start sewing another.

    1. I knew you’d understand 🙂 And lucky for me, everyone around here seems to play along as well (although, they have not yet reach the level of understanding!).
      Piping is such a great accent!

    1. Obrigada Carla! Para mim prefiro sempre as peças mais simples, e acho que vou pelo mesmo caminho nas escolhas dela à medida que vai crescendo 🙂

  4. This dress is adorable!! Love seersucker and the combination with the floral piping and red buttons is beautiful 🙂

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