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Kids Clothes Week | Opening act

I hear myself saying it time and time again:

I’m okay with making sewing actually happen (as long as I’ve done some prep work). It’s taking pictures (late after the sewing is over and kids are back exhausted from school) and posting about it, that gets me every time.

As much as I plan in advance (and I do try), I keep getting off-track 😦

So here I am, day 3 of KCW already and not a post to show I’m in…

I had a couple of blouses almost ready before KCW started. I only needed to add buttonholes (and sew the buttons, of course), so I figured I would have enough time to sew a couple of matching shorts. Oh, I was wrong!

For the blouse, I used the Agnes pattern from Citronille (minus the smocking and with an added peter pan collar). The shorts are a (long-time) favorite from Clever Charlotte: Finch shorts.


Both pieces were part of the “list” I usually sketch for my kids as a new season is about to start. For my girl, most of the items in the list will be handmade (I will buy underwear, shoes and a couple of wool cardigans/sweaters) and usually I like to start by the ones that will be needed earlier – long-sleeve blouses, shorts and pinafores. This way, she will have “new clothes” ready when the weather starts to change.

At the moment, it’s still too warm outside to wear a jacket or even tights, so she will be wearing this outfit with knee-length socks for quite a while.


For the blouse I used Liberty Capel in pink. I have to confess that she was not convinced at first (I had to persuade her by showing her some lovely work from my dear friend Nicole), but as soon as she saw it done, she was in awe. These pictures were taken at the end of the day, indoor, so they don’t really make justice to this print. It’s gorgeous (even if you don’t fancy pink)!

For my next version, I might need to work a bit on the peter pan collar – I would prefer it a bit on the smaller size (that’s what I get for drafting and cutting pieces in the wee hours of the morning and sewing late at night).


For the shorts I used a grey fine-whale corduroy (bought at a local store) and made no mods to the original pattern.

If you’re thinking these may be a bit too large on my girl, you’re probably right (I think the same, lol).

I went a size up for both pieces (size 8) as the weather is still warm around here and I really want them to be worn until springtime. I’m sure, this will do the trick.


A side note: men’s shoes were added to the photo-session as per the “adorable little model” request.

Apparently they matched the outfit (remember my motto: always choose which battles are worth fighting).

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

PS. I’m a bit late, replying to your comments. I’m hoping to catch up before the end of the week. Thank you so much for your support.

13 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week | Opening act

  1. Lovely outfit!! Love the tunic and the peter pan collar is a great addition:-) The shoes also add a nice personal touch;-)

    1. Enganei-me a cortar a gola (cortei de manhã antes deles acordarem e não tomei atenção) e ficou grande demais – se ficar mais pequena é perfeita para usar com camisolas de golas por baixo quando estiver mais frio.
      Sim, os sapatos “combinam”. Agora está nesta fase …

    1. Quem me dera Diana! Ela está a mudar os “gostos” e acho que vai começar a ser cada vez mais dificil para mim – acho que temos “estilos” bem distintos 🙂

    1. Thank you Soraia! Dois moldes bem clássicos e que ficam sempre bem – já perdi a conta às vezes que fiz os calções (já nem olho para as instruções).

    1. A sério! Deve ficar amorosa em tamanho mini ❤ A Maria não estava nada entuiasmada com o facto de ser "tão cor-de-rosa". Felizmente, no final adorou e fica-lhe mesmo bem 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Kristine 🙂 Sometimes I wish I could be more adventurous in my sewing, but I just can’t help it. I love sewing timeless pieces that will stand the test of times.

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