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Book Review | Nouveaux Intemporels Pour Enfants

As if sewing patterns weren’t enough, every once in a while I allow myself to splurge on a pattern sewing book.

I prefer individual patterns, not only because they are less expensive but mainly because sewing books get easily lost in the book shelf and I end up not sewing as much as I expected from them.

There are a few exceptions, however. [Note to self: post about my sewing library]

Usually I wait for the book release and readers reviews before buying a book. Obviously, this can be tricky – reviews can be widely diverse, but it helps me a lot when I need to make the buying decision.

having said that, I must confess that I pre-ordered the new book from Citronille|Mme. Astrid Le Provost as soon as it was available.

The previous Intemporels pour Bébés (up to 3 years) and Intemporels pour Enfants, featuring patterns from size 2 to 8, are among my most-used sewing books, so I had high hopes for the new book. And it didn’t disappoint ❤

The new book: Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants (New Timeless for Children) is packed with 40 (timeless) full-scale patterns for children (2 – 10 years), including clothes and accessories.

My friend Maria João, from Fairies, Bubbles & Co, also bought the book (hers arrived a few days earlier) and when she posted it on IG, we knew a book review was in order. After all, we both love Citronille patterns so much …

So here we go ❤

The Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants is, like the previous books, a great source of inspiration: hard cover, beautiful pictures, lots of Liberty prints and full-scale patterns in separate sheets. It does not include step-by-step instructions, but there are detailed explanations (in French) for each pattern and an initial introduction on some sewing techniques.


Overall, the patterns included in the book would be perfect for creating a capsule wardrobe for your child as it includes several must-have pieces both for boys and girls in timeless designs. I know this will be a book that I’ll be using time and time again (in fact, if you love Citronille’s patterns, this book may be a sound alternative, as you will get several very similar patterns for a fraction of the cost).


Shall we make a small tour?

First, the boys. Although I don’t sew as much for my boys, I was very impressed by the number of boy’s patterns included in this book. You can find a blazer, straight pants, winter jacket, a tunic, a trench (saharienne), overalls, a polo shirt, basic shorts and pajamas. If you find it difficult to find classic patterns for boys, you may wish to take a look at this book.

Probably my favorite: The lovely blazer (with beautiful Liberty bias tape …)


And a random selection of all the other boy’s patterns. I’m sure the overalls would work just as well for girls …

Obviously, the book is also packed with girl’s patterns that you will want to use over and over again (I know I will). My heart was set for quite a few and even my girl made a few requests.

You will find several blouses (with peter pan collar, shorts sleeves, long sleeves), skirts and dresses, winter bloomers and summer shorts, nightgown, jackets and a cape.


This summer dress is adorable (and similar to another Citronille pattern) and the sleeveless top with a ruffle collar is perfect for summer time.

I’m also smitten by this dress. Maybe it’s the print, but I think the design is really cool for an older girl – it was one of my girl’s requests.


Winter bloomers are always a clever pattern (especially in larger sizes, as these are very difficult to find), but it’s this blouse that makes my heart beat faster (Citronille has several similar blouse patterns for sale, so having one available here is really a great value).


Ah, summer bloomers. Love it! and trust me, these are perfect for winter as well ❤


Seriously, I don’t really think is possible to pick just one favorite ❤

Plus, there are also a number of accessories featuring Citronille’s style: cushions, dolls, bags, pencil cases and much more.

I can’t wait to make the star cushions. I think these will be perfect for dressing my kid’s beds.

The book arrived one week after it was officially released (airmail shipping…) and it didn’t took me long to start working on it.

My first project was a trial, as I wanted to assess the sizing on my girl. I selected a soft (very) winter viyella that was set-aside for another project and tried the blouse (adding the peter pan collar from the short-sleeve blouse featured in the book cover and elastic at the sleeves) .


This blouse is very similar to the Agnes pattern, with less fullness, and it’s perfect for the winter days ahead (we know they will come). I made a size 8 and although there’s still some room to grow, I was quite pleased with the fit.


[The blouse is paired with Oliver+S Sailboat skirt, size 8 (!). I made it for the latest KCW edition but, as usual, it never got posted. It’s already too short but I do expect it to be worn over the winter season with ribbed tights.]


Obviously, I couldn’t just sew a pattern from the book.

The book includes patterns suited for each season, like the summer bloomers, that I was certain would be perfect for our mild winter. I used a Liberty corduroy remnant (Capel Navy) for the shorts and white Swiss dots cotton voile for the blouse (again the same pattern as the previous blouse, just because I really love it so much).


A white blouse is always needed in her closet and this style is a safe bet for her – the fluid shape allows her to move freely and it feels very comfortable. I’m sure, it won’t remain white for long, but I usually don’t stress (much) about it (as long as the washing machine doesn’t break).


These corduroy bloomers are probably my favorite so far. I love their softness and unusual color/print and they wear very well.

I’m so glad, the weather is still warm enough to wear these with knee-high socks. I love this look on her.


I have so many projects that I wish to sew from this book.

Usually, I keep my sewing books in the library (I don’t have a sewing room), but this one is being kept in our coffee table. Just to keep the inspiration flowing …

Don’t forget to check Maria João’s review on this book – I love the gathered raglan blouses she made for her daughters and the beautiful plaid dress is just perfect for the holidays. I know you’ll love it too ❤

Thank you so much for reading.

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

13 thoughts on “Book Review | Nouveaux Intemporels Pour Enfants

  1. ohh Ana, que tu estás-me a arranjar cá um problema!… 😉 o livro é mesmo lindo, tens razão. Acho que vai entrar na minha lista para o pai natal (que está maior que a da minha filha por esta altura ;-)).

    1. Lol Patrícia 🙂 Este livro foi prenda de aniversário (atrasada). Tinha-o debaixo de olho desde o verão. Acredita que vale mesmo a pena – principalmente para quem 2 princesas lindas ❤

  2. Love everything you made!! Perfect patterns and fabric choices 🙂 I totally agree the book is worth it 😉
    It was a pleasure to do this review with you 🙂

    1. I love it as well – you made so many amazing pieces (as usual, of course) 🙂
      The raglan blouse is now on the top of my sewing list – I love your versions so much!
      thank you so much ❤

    1. lol Andreia 🙂 I know that feeling – I’ve lost track on the number of patterns and fabrics I bought because of your amazing (but so bad for my wallet) sewing 😉

    1. Thank you Rita 🙂 Sorry, it was a tiny strip that was a leftover from a baby dress. I wasn’t even sure it would be enough for these bloomers (lots of creative cutting).

  3. Ando mesmo distraída! Queria muito ver as vossas “reviews” (não me ocorre nenhuma palavra em PT… 😀) deste livro e não me tinha apercebido que já estava no blog!!
    Pelo que vejo, das fotos e das peças que fizeste, é um must have!! E já está na minha lista. Já calculava que ia gostar mas estou a adorar, sou fã de golas e bolinhas e folhos e bloomers…
    Adorei a camisa que fizeste, o tecido é lindo e o os bloomers em bombzine fina são giros, giros, giros.
    Tudo top!

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