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I’ve been a bit absent from this blog over the last few weeks (almost 1,5 months to be more accurate) for no particular reason. Sorry for the long absence and thank you so much for your sweet messages and for just being there! I felt so blessed for belonging to this amazing community ❤

I didn’t lost my sewing mojo (fingers crossed, I’ll be able to show you everything, before spring!) and I don’t really thing I’ve lost my blogging mojo (considering the amount of posts drafts I have created during this period), yet I felt I needed to reassess a couple of things about the blog.

Although I mostly sew for my girl, and she loves it, she really dislikes modelling and taking pictures (on a side note, I must say I’m even worse  as I’ve never liked having my pictures taken).

I really take an insanely amount of pleasure out of sewing yet I (we) want/need it to be an equally pleasant experience to us all: For me (when I sew) and for the recipients (mostly my kids), without having the pressure of getting “proper” modeled pictures to share here.

We like to believe that in our family we value (and respect) everyone’s opinions and I was deviating a bit from it.

So, after a lot of reflection and conversations between the parts, it is now clear to us all, that modeled pictures won’t appear here as often (only upon the recipient’s request, which may not happen as often as we wish) and I’ll do my best to keep the posts coming on a more regular basis (and that’s a promise I wish to keep).

This year, I will be closing my “sewing year” with some last-minute sewing projects for … dolls. I wish I had started earlier, but I was really pleased with the way these all turned out.

The Lua Sleeping Sack for Dolls: A free pattern from Straight Grain that comes together quite easily (I skipped the front piping as I didn’t have a matching one and run out of time to make/buy it). It fits perfectly my girl’s favorite doll (She requested to be in the pictures, despite not looking very happy on them …) . It’s really a great pattern and I highly recommend it (I’ve done several versions of the baby version and they were all very welcome by their new owners).

Doll sleeping sack#2

As a bonus, you can also have a peek of a “new-favorite” pattern around here: Oliver+S Lunch Box Tee (I will show you more pictures, soon). Thank you Nicole for the amazing fabric (she loves it) and Carla for pushing me to sew this pattern.

Doll sleeping sack#118” doll dresses (from Simplicity 4347): I purchased some patterns on a 50% online sale one moth before Christmas, but the package arrived exactly on Christmas Eve. Still, I had to give it a try, right?


I picked some fabrics from the remnants bin, added bits of lace and started sewing. This Liberty version with pink lace is my girl favorite (as it matches the doll hairband and socks).

Doll sewing#2

And my own favorite, using a lovely blue print viyella (and different types of cotton lace because my local shop was closed on Christmas eve).

Doll sewing#1The pattern includes several options for dolls and, although sewing for dolls can be as exhausting as sewing for kids (lots of tiny details), I think we need to try them all. Next, we’ll be sewing the pajamas and the winter coat.

I love sharing my love for sewing with all of you (and get so much inspiration from you in return) and love to be part of the sewing community.

Happy New Year for all of you and your loved ones and may 2016 bring the joy, love and peace we all wish for.

Happy sewing, everyone!

xx, Ana Sofia




22 thoughts on “Thank you | Happy New Year

  1. C’est chouette d’avoir de tes nouvelles 🙂 Je comprends ce que tu expliques, j’avoue avoir embêté ma fille avec des photos aujourd’hui aussi et je n’en suis pas forcément fière… Heureusement c’est une fois par mois ou même tous les deux mois 😉 Bon réveillon et belle année Ana Sofia !!

  2. Beautiful post and lovely doll sewing! I will admit my blogging has not been up to date but I so enjoy the sewing and photographing part. I need to sit down, slow down and blog some. I do enjoy reading your blog ever so much. Happy new year!!

  3. I love to read the article. It was more than interesting. love those photography. I would like these cloth to wear on my dolls also i have got another site i go and see stuff like that.

    1. I’m sure there will be some modeled pictures – if and when she’s in the mood. It was the right decision to make (and one that I’ve been postponing for too long).

  4. This seems so sensible! And totally understand. I know exactly this situation – my daughter doesn’t like to model either, and I don’t feel comfortable making her do it. And my blogging has also slowed down – not because the sewing has slowed, but it takes me so much time to take pictures, and wait for her to be in the right mood. (and also for the weather to be ok – it’s been raining here for weeks!) I may need to follow your example!

    1. It was not an easy decision – I struggled a lot during the last couple of months but I knew it was about time to make it. Currently, the “pressure” is off and we both feel better. I still have lots of pictures that have yet to be posted so I will be able to feed the blog for a while 🙂

  5. Me encanta todo tu blog. Por favor no dejes de coser!!! Sigue mostrandonos tus inspiradoras creaciones desde un maniqui.
    Con cariño desde Chile. :0)

  6. Ohh! I love your doll’s outfits. This season I’ve started to sew for my girl’s dolls as a Christmas present. She loved It.
    Happy New Year to you too.

    1. I’m making the most of it as I’m not sure if she will play with dolls for much longer (I wish …).
      It’s also a great way for using fabric remnants 🙂

  7. I think you are a wonderful mother.
    5/6 of mine happily model, the other often doesn’t want to and I certainly don’t push it either.
    At least dollies are always obliging.
    xx N

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole!
      Motherhood is truly an amazing journey – we never stop learning, right?
      To be honest, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree (I really, really dislike having my pictures taken) 🙂
      And yes, dolls are perfect – too bad they can’t fit a size 8 … 😉

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