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(Belated) Ainsley Blouse

I’m not sure how’s the weather outside your window, but from where I’m standing is looks like Spring is a bit late ..

Obviously I’m not complaining (despite the 2, soon to be 3, weeks of never-stop raining …), as I know the changing of the seasons can be unpredictable 😦

Still, and as far as sewing is concern, the real issue right now, is should I still sew for winter? Or do I start sewing for the warmer weather?

There’s the reason why long sleeve blouses are always on top of my choices when sewing for my girl. A long sleeve blouse can easily be worn all-year and it’s a must-have piece in my girl’s close.

Usually, I prefer loose-fitting designs that could be made in woven fabrics – the type of fabric will vary in accordance with the season.

I have several blouse patterns in my collection but there are a few that I still have to tackle. The Ainlsey blouse (and skirt) from Children’s Corner was one of those patterns.

I purchased it (together with several others from a shopping sale) but I just kept pushing it to the bottom of my list. For no special reason. Just because.

Nevertheless, a few months ago I got this fabric online (sorry, it’s no longer available) and I immediately though about CC Ainsley. These two were just meant to be …
CC Ainsley#5

Unfortunately, the combination of a very color saturated print (blue and green) and the current (not-typical) gray/rainy weather and my (typical), made me postpone this post for too long. This blouse was terribly difficult to capture …

Even when my little model was willing to cooperate, this blouse was not intended to be photographed (the colors/print look too muted and blurry) …

CC Ainsley#10

This blouse features a square neckline (which I love) but can be easily worn over winter. I just add a collar tee-shirt underneath (as pictured above).CC Ainsley#8

The blouse is gathered in the front and back and includes a narrow topstitched waistband – which I skipped for a more casual/modern look. The back closes with buttons.

The long sleeve has a slit at wrist and is slightly gathered onto a small sleeve band that buttons (the pattern also includes a short sleeve option with a tiny ruffle). I really love this detail as it gives it such a professional look (and yes, it’s easy to sew).

CC Ainsley#9

Although this blouse has been in heavy rotation all winter, I can still envision it being worn now that the weather is starting to warm up (at least, I’m hoping it will).

We took advantage of a bit of sunshine a few weeks ago, to get a few action pictures – outside 🙂

CC Ainsley#3

I’m partial on children’s Corner patterns as I do love their timeless, simple designs and the way they fit my girl, but I would recommend this pattern to the confident seamstress (or maybe a beginner willing to take a challenge).

Plus, the Ainsley pattern also includes an A-line skirt, which I still haven’t tried. It’s already on my list and I’ll keep you posted when I sew it. I love the versions I saw so far and I’m sure it will also be a great addition to her spring wardrobe.

CC Ainsley#1

I made a size 7 for my (tall) girl and probably could have added a few inches to the length. Nonetheless, the blouse was made in September, so that could explain why it’s already running a tad bit short on the sleeves.

CC Ainsley#2

Not that my girl really cares about it.

As far as she’s concern this is a perfect blouse for twirling and jumping.

I know that the following picture is blurry than the ones above, but it’s her favorite and she asked me to included it in the post.

As this was such a difficult blouse to capture (not the pattern fault, which is delightful), I decided “why not”?

CC Ainsley#4

As I was revising this post (and adding the pattern link) I realize that Children’s Corner Store is currently having a CC sewing pattern sale until Saturday (April 18-23). Off to take a look …


Technical info

Pattern: Ainsley Blouse from Children’s Corner | Paper pattern (unnnested on tissue. i.e. there’s a pattern piece for every size. No need to trace off.)

Size made: size 7, minus the waistband (pattern ranges from 2-5 years and 6-10 years)

Difficulty: Confident Beginner (based on my opinion)

Fabrics used: Soft cotton

Happy sewing,

xo Ana Sofia


16 thoughts on “(Belated) Ainsley Blouse

  1. I love this outfit! Do you make a size larger when pairing with a t-shirt underneath? Also, where do you find those ruffle-neck t-shirts?

    1. Thank you!
      To be honest, I didn’t make a size larger because I was hoping she could wear it with nothing underneath. Still, because it’s not a slim fit blouse, it can be easily paired with a light t-shirt underneath (a skirt might be tricky).
      I can easily find these ruffle-neck tees in local shops. Still, I do find them a bit expensive (usually I stock during sales) so I’ve been experimenting with some patterns (Mattie from Children’s Corner, Metro tee from Oliver+S and also several patterns from Ottobre magazine). You can see/read more about my Mattie tee here:

  2. I think you must have the best dressed child around! Love the combinations of colours and fabrics in the outfits you choose.

    1. Thank you! You’re so kind!
      I wish, but I don’t really think so – usually she likes to add her “own” personal touch to her outfits (i.e. she’s always a mess by the end of the day).

  3. CHIC blouse sewn in a truly LOVELY fabric. I always love your photo shoots and your model! BRAVO, Ana Sofia! Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

    1. Obrigada Magda ❤
      O tecido é maravilhoso – sarja básica de algodão, com umas cores lindas e continua impecável depois de tantas lavagens 🙂

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