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“Cool” Sweaters

Usually I don’t sew much with knits.

Not that I don’t love them, but I must admit I’m much more of a “woven person”.

Still, times are changing around here: My little girl is growing and she’s been (kindly) requesting for “cool clothes”, aka, sweaters, tees and the like. As such, my quest for knit fabrics and patterns has started …

For her 8th birthday (almost 2 months ago), I decided to surprised her with a couple of handmade “cool” sweaters (bear in mind, that my “concept” of a cool sweater is still a bit conservative. Plus, I’m not easily persuaded …).

Still, and based on the rave reviews from my friend Inês (who makes “proper cool clothes”), I made my first order of Nosh fabric – certified organic cotton. I picked a lovely sweat-shirting fabric with pink stripes and I wasn’t disappointed – this fabric is utterly soft.

I wasn’t quite sure of which pattern to use, but as soon as I held the fabric I knew it had to be an Oliver+S Sailboat top.


The Sailboat skirt has been a favorite around here (I think I’ve done at least one in each size), but I still needed to tackle the Sailboat top. I’m so glad I finally did it as I absolutely adore the way it turned out (plus, it was really simple and easy to sew).


I made her a size 8 with not mods (the larger size available). She’s not a huge fan of pink clothes (I am!), but she loved this one (obviously, I couldn’t get a proper modeled picture, so you have to trust my words for it).

She was practicing a poem for school and (obviously) couldn’t be interrupted by a photo session …


The pictures above were taken this week, yet this sweater has already been worn (and washed/dried) a lot and you can see how beautiful it still looks. I have nothing but good reviews for this sweat knit – It’s a bit more expensive for what I’m used to, but it’s worth it.

This winter, we both fell in love with (yet) another Oliver+S pattern: the Lunch Box tee (highly recommended) and I made her a couple for complementing her casual wardrobe (which are already getting too short on her). So, it was obvious that I needed to include a  Lunch box tee in my list.

My initial idea was to add a star applique, but my older boy promptly convinced me to use another shape. I added a little bird instead, using a Liberty remnant (Capel in blue). I think I traced the bird applique from an Ottobre issue making it a tad bit bigger.


The sweater knit is from The Sweet Mercerie, an online shop with a great range of great price/quality fabrics. I don’t think the pictures show it, but this knit is a very soft shade of pink with a bit of glitter (very soft, nonetheless). This knit is not as expensive as the Certified Organic Sweatknit above from Nosh, but it still looks okay and, so far, it washed also well (not top-quality, but a good price/quality ratio).

To be honest, I was actually saving it for me (my collection of Bento tees grew a lot this winter), but it was her birthday … (oh, and obviously, this knit went quickly out of stock!).

Applique Bento#1

Awkwardly, I think the Lunch Box tee runs a bit small on my girl (which is obvious, because it’s a cropped tee!), so I made her a size 10 🙂 The sleeves are at a 3/4 length, which is fine for our current unusual spring weather …

Lastly, I made her the Colourblock tee (design 33) from Ottobre 1/2016 (size 134 cm), also with a grey knit from The Sweet Mercerie and another Liberty remnant from my basket (Betsy Porcelaine). This time, I copied a cloud drawing from the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing.


The Colourblock tee, as the name says, is meant to be made with different (colored) fabrics, but I also think it looks great in a plain color. It features an adorable peplum – “very trendy”, in the words of the proud owner!


As you may have noticed, she’s still wearing the ruffle tees with her “cool” sweaters! Love it!

I still have a lot to try when sewing (and buying) knits, but judging from my girl’s reaction (she loved everything), I will have lots of opportunities in the near future to expand my skills 😉

Happy sewing,

xo Ana Sofia


Technical info

“Colorblock” tee from Ottobre 1/2016  (size 134cm)| Sweat knit from The Sweet Mercerie and Liberty remnant

“Sailboat” top from Oliver+S (size 8)| Sweat knit from Nosh

“Lunch Box” tee from Oliver+S  (size 10)| Sweat knit from The Sweet Mercerie and Liberty remnant

18 thoughts on ““Cool” Sweaters

  1. I must admit I’m not very keen on sewing knit fabrics either. But your tees are really adorable. Good job! 😉

    1. Thank you so much María!
      I’m pretty sure there’s a learning curve for sewing with knits – I still have so much to learn 🙂

    1. You should Patricia!
      I’m really sorry I haven’t give it a try before – the sailboat skirt is a favorite around here so I should know better. The sailboat top is a must!!

    1. That really is the best part – she was so happy with her 3 (!!) new sweaters. I think she was only expecting one 😉

    1. Obrigada Helena!
      Eu ainda tenho muito de praticar – mas a verdade é que se fazem num instante e ela adora! Tenho mesmo de me dedicar mais às malhas ❤

  2. How darling — 3 knit tops that are casual, creative & versatile! Your girl has taste — she loves wear them!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah Helene!
      Indeed, she loves to wear these blouses – stylish and comfortable! What more can you ask for?

  3. Lovely sweaters!! Around here M requests are changing as well 😦 It might not be a sweet dress, but they certainly are cool and lovely sweaters and if that makes them happy why not!
    The sailboat is so cute! I have the pattern so I think I should give it a go after seeing this one 😉 and nosh fabrics are amazing, the French-terry is so soft!!
    The applique are such a cute detail. Love them!

    1. Thank you Maria ❤
      She told me she still loves (and needs) dresses – for a second I thought these would be over by now, but she promptly reassured me. Obviously, I know that these are much more comfortable, so I know I must be flexible 🙂
      I can't believe it took me so long to sew the sailboat top – it's so cute!!

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