Infinite Dress | Updated version

The last edition of Kid’s Clothes Week (May 23-29) provided me with the perfect excuse to finish a couple of much-belated projects and complete a couple of new ones.

Obviously, I didn’t even get the chance to share them in due time, but you know what they say … better late than never, right?

Overall, during KCW I completed 4 dresses for my girl (2 were almost completed, but I just kept postponing them for various reasons) and to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be sewing her more dress any time soon.

She’s officially into that stage where handmade dresses are no longer the first option when she picks her clothes šŸ˜¦

Obviously, that wouldn’t be such an issue if I was willing to sew only tees and denim shortsĀ but, I do enjoy sewing new patterns, specially dresses and blouses/tops,Ā so I’m currently dealing with a bit of mixed feelings …

Still, I digress. Back to theĀ Infinite A-line dress from Whisk’Em Patterns (I made a previous version last year that was a big hit with my girl)…

Infinite Sommer#1This pattern offersĀ so many options – sleeves, bodice, skirt – and it’s truly a pleasure to sew. However, and because I got the messageĀ about “no fancy dresses”, I went with true and tried options – cap sleeves and gathered skirt.

Infinite Sommer#3Fabric isĀ Painted Gingham in Blueberry from the Sommer Collection by Sarah Jane (love love this collection) and I couldn’t love it more. It’s not the traditional gingham but still it looks absolutely perfect and probably a bit more modern!

IĀ paired with red buttons, of courseĀ (I think yellow would also be perefct, but I couldn’t find any in my button jar …)!

Infinite Sommer#2

If that isn’t obvious from the pictures (again, indoors, because the weather was really awful during KCW), little Miss loved the new dress!! (insert happy dance)

Infinite Sommer#4This dressĀ has the right amount of twirl and the plaid gingham gives it such an unexpected twist …

Infinite Sommer#7I have said it before, but it’s worth repeating that this is a great pattern if you’re looking for lots of dress options. It Ā includes sizes newborn to 8 years, which of course, makes it quite a bargain.

Infinite Sommer#6MyĀ girl is already wearing size 8 (with a narrow hem), so I suppose this will be the last time I sew her this dress …

Infinite Sommer#5Don’t ask me about this back posing. She thinks it’s cool and it was the only back picture that I managed to get.Ā 

Thank you Bonnie!!

Technical info

Pattern: Infinite A-line dress from Whisk’Em Patterns | DigitalĀ patternĀ 

Size made: size 8Ā (pattern ranges from newborn to 8Ā years)

Difficulty: Beginner

Fabrics used: Quilting cotton (Sommer,Ā SarahĀ Jane forĀ MichaelĀ Miller)Ā 



Happy sewing,

xo Ana Sofia


12 thoughts on “Infinite Dress | Updated version

  1. BEAUTIFUL & CHIC classic dress, UNIQUE indeed! Bright blue & white gingham (larger squares than traditional) with small red buttons down the bodice back and red Mary Jane shoes certainly add PIZZAZZ! Darling photo shoot. BRAVO to MOM for sewing “lots of LOVE” into this creation. Sarah in Minneapolis

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Sarah ā¤
      I think she was captured by the unexpected design of the large gingham šŸ™‚

    1. It’s really great – I actually love the ruffle version, but decided to keep it simple for this version, as the print was already too busy, and love it as well!

  2. Nice dress! Perfect for your girls. I’m afraid that time when handmade dresses is not the first choice will come soon or later.. I keep crossed finger so it would be later..;)

    1. I’m in denial, MarĆ­a šŸ™‚
      I made her 4 dresses for KCW (plus 2 other for a testing) and she’s been wearing them all. For now, I think the trick is to keep them simple (i’m using less lace and ruffles …) and staying away from baby prints/colors. Hope it works šŸ˜‰

    1. Yes, that sounds like a great option right now. Shorts and tops are still very much welcomed.
      And yes, I knew these days would come. I’m ready to embrace it (I think!)

    1. Thank you so much Carla!
      Adoro sapatos vermelhos – devo ter visto muitas vezes o FeitiƧeiro de Oz quando era mais nova. Acho mesmo que sĆ£o essenciais šŸ™‚

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