CC’s new pattern: Nora’s Knit Dress

A few months ago I had one of the most amazing surprises of my “blogging” life 🙂 I had the pleasure to meet (in real life), one of the new owners of the Children’s Corner store, when she was visiting Lisbon!! (PS: If you follow this blog, you know how much I love CC patterns. A lot!!!) I… Continue reading CC’s new pattern: Nora’s Knit Dress

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Anspired | Improvisational Pleated Hanami

Today is all about An ❤ It all started when Suz send an email asking a group of sewing bloggers to celebrate An’s inspiration and our love for StraightGrain patterns. Obviously, I was in!! I knew An before she even started designing patterns and I’ve always been captivated by her approach to children clothing, unique designs and… Continue reading Anspired | Improvisational Pleated Hanami