CC’s new pattern: Nora’s Knit Dress

A few months ago I had one of the most amazing surprises of my “blogging” life 🙂

I had the pleasure to meet (in real life), one of the new owners of the Children’s Corner store, when she was visiting Lisbon!! (PS: If you follow this blog, you know how much I love CC patterns. A lot!!!)

I was absolutely amazed by the fact that the lovely Emily took some time of her (and her husband’s) agenda to meet me!! It was such an honor!!!

Emily shared her vast knowledge on heirloom sewing (fascinated) and almost everything sewing related and, obviously, about the Children’s Corner brand. I’m partial on CC patterns as I have never made one I didn’t love. There’s in fact so much to love: the flawless attention to details, the techniques made-easy for every level of seamstress, the amazing fit, the unnested pattern pieces …

During her visit (brief indeed, but one that I will never forget), Emily gifted me with two bundles of fabrics from the store (I was overwhelmed) and today, I can (finally) share the first one with you:

CC Knit Fabrics

This bundle includes two organic knits from Birch fabrics. I don’t have many options for buying knit fabrics locally so I have to resource to online shopping and to be honest, I’m a bit helpless at buying knits online as I always fear they wouldn’t be exactly as I’d imagine them. As a result, I don’t venture into knit online shopping as much but but  after touching and feeling these knit, I was in love! And so was my girl – although she did told me she knew someone else had picked them for me. She was sure I wouldn’t pick such cool prints! (thank you for the vote of confidence! Lesson learned).

A few weeks after her visit, Emily send me a test version of a new Children’s Corner pattern – Nora’s knit dress and I knew immediately which fabrics to use! Obviously, my girl was so happy – she knew I wouldn’t say no, and, as you may have guessed it by now knit dresses are her  favorites (I’m guessing I’m not alone with a knit loving girl, right?).

The Nora’s is a knit dress that includes two versions: a dropped waisted version with a circle skirt and an A-line version. My favorite was the A-line version, but because my girl choose the drooped waisted version, I made them both 😉

The Nora is a basic pattern, very easy to sew, perfect to get you started sewing with knits. I’m still in the learning process and yet it only took me a couple of hours to finish both versions.


There’s so much to love about this new CC pattern – the package styling is updated (I actually loved their vintage/heirloom drawings, but the new photos are just so perfect!!), their size range has expanded (up to 14 years!!) and the instructions are even more detailed and easy to follow.


For the drooped waisted version, I went with the short and capped sleeves (my favorites) and made a size 8 with no mods.

Nora_3My girl measurements put her in the size 7 for almost every measurement but the chest, so I decided to go one size up. The dress is still a tad too big/loose on her, but I actually prefer it like that. It will be worn longer and we really want to use these as much as we can – serious love affair with Birch organic cotton at the moment ❤

Nora#8I’ve said it before: the A-line version was my favorite (sorry, an A-line dress is always perfect in my style book), but my girl was easily persuaded. I reckon it could be due to the lack of twirl factor …


Or maybe because it was 38ºC/100ºF outside when we took these photos! For this version, I had picked the long sleeves, Lol. Here’s an indoor photo taken a couple of months ago …


Most sewing was done using my regular sewing machine with knit needles and a knit double-knit for hemming. I did used my serger for finishing the seams, but that’s really optional.


Both versions were really easy to sew and I can’t rave enough about Birch Fabrics quality – in the last couple of moths these dresses have been worn/washed a lot. Still, they both look as good as new.

It’s not a secret that sewing for my growing girl is going through a (challenging) phase, but these Nora’s have been worn so much (she even asked if she could wear them to bed), that I’m sure this pattern will be a huge success. Plus, knit dresses are really easy to take care – gentle wash and just a bit of ironing (because I couldn’t skip that step yet. These don’t really need it). I might just get addicted!

I love the fact that while, the updated pattern styling (package and instructions) and expanded size range, this new Children’s Corner pattern maintains the very clever unnested pattern pieces and flawless children’s wear style that Children’s Corner is renowned for. I’ve been inspired by Lezette Thomason work (and all the other amazing teachers that made CC) for as long as I can remember (sewing-wise, of course) and I’m sure Emily Douglas and Karen Gooch will successfully lead the brand through the new era. Personally, I’ve learn so much from all of them and hope to continue to do so.

Huge thank you so much Emily’s and Children’s Corner for making me such a lovely surprise!!

Happy sewing,

XX Ana Sofia

Technical info

Pattern: Nora’s Knit Dress by Children’s Corner | Paper pattern 

Size made: size 8 (pattern sizes range from 1 to 14 years)

Difficulty level: Beginner

Fabrics used: Birch Fabrics Organic Cotton 




7 thoughts on “CC’s new pattern: Nora’s Knit Dress

  1. I completely LOVE the polka dot dress — the knit in a lovely peach background with black dots is so chic & COOL! Children’s Corner pattern: Seems versatile to wear all year ’round, add a Cardi when it’s cool outdoors! Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

  2. Yes, your are not alone, as M is now a big fan of knits! Both dresses are adorable but I agree that an A-line dress is always perfect. 🙂
    Now I can’t wait to see what you’ve made with the second bundle!

  3. I really need to make my eldest daughter some classic staple dresses like these, they grow SO FAST!!! Love the fabric you chose, very very pretty.

  4. Both dresses are so beautiful! I have to agree, though, and say that an A-line dress is always going to be a favorite with me. Such a lovely shape. The fabrics are so pretty — what a wonderful surprise! Looking forward to seeing what else you are working on!

  5. Lovely! I did sit up a bit when I saw you were sewing knit dresses. What a great way to deviate from the norm, with pattern testing and free fabric!
    Beautiful dresses, I’m with you, an A-line wins every time. But really, you iron your knit garments? hee hee (I’m so lazy like that)

  6. Are the dresses pullover with no neck closing? My grandaughter is learning to dress herself. I knoe she’d love the twirly skirt.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Lee 😦
      These are easily pulled over their head – the neck opening is enough (not too wide and not too small) allowing easy dressing 🙂

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