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Summer Wardrobe Update #1

After one (unusually long) summer break, it might take me a while to update everything that was made (and worn) during the summer months (and a bit more to reply to your emails. Hope to have it all sorted soon).

Still, and to be honest, I don’t really believe I’ll actually succeed in doing so – some pieces weren’t properly “documented” before been put into good use and my girl is not known for being gentle with her clothes and I’m ok with it – she’s a kid and clothes should fit her busy playing agenda, which includes climbing trees, lots of gymnastic, running and playing football, and not the other way around.

Still, I was eager to post about this dress (made almost 2 months ago for KCW!) as I love the contrast provided by the Indian silk ribbon (purchased at a local craft fair) and blue chambray.

garden-party2The dress pattern used is one that I keep sewing time and time again – I love the way it fits my girl and the fact that it lends itself to a number of interpretations.It’s the Garden Party Dress by Oliver+S with just a minor adjustment to incorporate the ribbon (you can also check my previous versions here and here).


Because I’m a bit picky with my sewing (some may called it “annoying”), after sewing the ribbon I unpicked all the original stitching from the silk ribbon – it was too wonky. The stitching marks are still visible on this close-up picture, which was taken shortly after the dress was made, but (thankfully) vanished after a few washes/ironing.


I didn’t add many dresses to her wardrobe this summer and I’m so glad I made this decision – last season I sew too many dresses and, Ito be honest, I felt a bit guilty about it. There was really no need for it (except for the fact that I LOVE sewing dresses) even if she did wore them all!


So this season, I did my best to sew only dresses that were actually needed and that I got her approval. She got more involved in picking patterns and fabrics and although we didn’t always agree (it was expected, right?), we did made good progress and (hopefully) we’ll do better next season.


Obviously we can’t always please everyone and my husband wasn’t too keen on this dress (too colorful!). Well, at least it got the “users approval”!!

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy sewing, my friends,

XX Ana Sofia

Technical info

Pattern: Garden Party Dress, Oliver+S | digital and paper pattern 

Size made: size 8 (pattern sizes range from 6 months to 12 years)

Difficulty level: Advanced Begginner

Fabrics used: Lightweight Chambray and Silk Indian Ribbon

14 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe Update #1

  1. Very beautiful dress! I love the fabric-ribbon combination! Yo tampoco he cosido muchos vestidos este verano. Sólo los necesarios! 😉

  2. I love how it turned out! This pattern is a favourite of mine as well and the ribbon is such a pretty detail!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love the ribbon. I have been reading all of your posts and have made a short (or not so short) list of oliver & s patterns that I want to purchase…this one just got added!

    1. It's so difficult to pick just a few of O+S patterns – there are so many (gorgeous ones) to choose from …
      I would definitively recommend this one (and several other, of course)!

    1. 😉 Emi!
      I don’t usually go all the way with colors/prints (I wish I did), but I was so captivated by the colors on this ribbon. Plus, it has such a silky feel 🙂

  4. Ana Sofia,

    This dress is so beautiful and I especially love the ribbon!

    Did you adjust the sleeves? The sleeves on yours don’t look as big and floppy as on other Garden Party dresses I have seen, and I really like the way yours look. I have cased the bottom of sleeves with elastic but I really like how yours are done.

    [Pollywog from flickr]

    1. Thank you so much Rachel!
      I didn’t make any mods to the sleeves. In fact, the sleeves are one of my favorite features of this pattern – I really like the way they look/fit.
      Could it be related to the size? So far, I’ve made sizes 6, 7 and 8 (this one), but haven’t made the smaller sizes …

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