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Berlin Coat – Blog Tour

Did you remember the lovely Moiano coat, from Straight Grain, that I made back in May?

It’s the perfect jacket to get us through our Mediterranean winters: mild temperatures (usually never bellow +10ºC), wind and a bit of rain as well.

Still, as much as I loved it (I would ranked it among one of my all time favorite coats), I have to admit I was curious to test the winter version: the new Berlin coat ❤

Living in a country (and city) with mild climate all-year doesn’t provides me with an excuse to sew/wear a proper winter coat, but obviously that wouldn’t stop me from sewing one, right?


The Berlin winter coat, like all An’s patterns includes lots of options , plus it’s fully lined and batted. The instructions are carefully explained and you can’t help achieving a very professional garment. 

I did made a small modification to the buttons placement, as per my girl request (the coat was too warm for her) and only added buttons to the top. I know, living in the South make us so skeptical about wearing warm clothes…


I went with some basic options for this version –  top-stitched seams in the front and sleeve tabs. I did considered adding the hood, but I wanted to keep it simple.

berlin2I used a wool fabric (with stitched-in dots) that I had been saving for quite a while and quilted the cotton lining (I didn’t quilted the sleeve lining but it can also be done).


This is really a warm coat would be perfect for our travelings to the mountains!

The front pockets were accentuated with Liberty piping (Capel in red) and the coat was completed with wood buttons stitched with red thread. (PS. just ignore the missing uncut thread in the picture above. It is now removed.). 


Just in case you wonder, it was a bit challenging to sew through all those layers. Still, it was totally worth it …

I have to admit that I was unsure about having any action pictures taken in time for this post. The weather has been steadily above 30ºC and I was not sure my girl would be willing to give it a try …


Luckily, she was really excited to try it on, even if she attracted the most weird looks from on-going strangers during the photo session (people passing by were really intrigued as it was soooo hot).

I can’t thank her enough – I know how much she dislike taking photos, but this time she was the best!!


You can use the code BERLINTOUR10 to get a 10% off the Berlin pattern in the Straight Grain shop.

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Thank you so much An!

Happy sewing,

XX Ana Sofia

Technical info

Pattern: Berlin winter Coat from Straight Grain | Digital pattern 

Size made: size 9 (pattern sizes range from 1 to 12 years)

Difficulty level: (Confident) Beginner

Fabrics used: Wool fabric, Liberty piping (Capel in red) 

10 thoughts on “Berlin Coat – Blog Tour

  1. I love it Ana Sofia! Don’t you love when you see the stray threads in your photos??!! Happens to me all the time!

  2. I was sure i’d love your version and I really do! polkadots is my favorite pattern ever, love the colors and the fabric, even the lining…
    Perfect as usual 🙂

  3. This is such a beautiful coat!!! I love all the special details, and brava to your girl for modeling it so well in the heat!

  4. Hi, I think there is something wrong with the link behind “Digital” in the first line of the technical info.

  5. I’m so jealous of your climate! And of your daughters beautiful Berlin coat too 🙂 I made one for myself last summer, without batting to make it a summer coat, but I love this one way more! The dotted fabric is so beautiful and it looks so nice and cozy.

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