Summer Camp Ready

With the end of the school year, and the prospect of warmer days ahead (and summer camp!), my sewing plans are put on hold as I know it’s time for shorts+tops sewing ❤

So far (and I know summer is just starting so there’ll be more to come), I’ve managed to sew her two shorts+top combos that, fingers crossed, will get her through the first week (together, of course, with other pieces from last year).

I won’t lie – it’s getting increasingly difficult to find patterns that get my girl’s approval. Anything labelled as too puffy, too girlie (or babish) or too “mummy-made” won’t do the trick anymore.

My current go-to shorts pattern is a hacked version of the dungarees from a favorite Japanese sewing book – A sunny spot (you can check a review here). Although the book is in Japanese (!), it’s quite easy to follow due to the illustrations (nevertheless, I did made a few alterations to add a waistband (with adjustable elastic).


The first combo was made using a medium-weight floral fabric from Ikea and Seersucker stripes (from The Sweet Mercerie) for the top.


The top was made using another favorite pattern from P&M – the Colombine dress/blouse. I’ve already lost track on the number of times I’ve used this pattern – either as a dress or as a top, and I’ve loved every single version. I’ve made it in a bit of tunic-length as she will also be wearing it with her (favorite) white skinny jeans.


There’s not much to add – both pieces come together quite nicely and hopefully will fit her until the end of the summer (I used a size 140cm for the shorts and size 10 for the tunic).


For the second combo, I decided to sew a white sleeveless top (with ruffled collar) from the Nouveaux Intemporels pour Enfants (Citronille) and picked a mint denim fabric (with starts) for the shorts – using, again, the same pattern as above.


Although, I actually love the softer colors (and the crochet trim added to the pockets), I’m not sure if these will be a good option for summer camp 😉


This top was quite a simple project (although I didn’t followed the original instructions), yet I think I’ll need to find a alternative as I’m not convinced with the fit on my girl and, to be honest, I’m not sure if it will last her through the summer (she has broad shoulders).


Still, and despite (my) considerations on “how to keep it immaculate and still have fun at the summer camp”, a white top is obviously a great choice for mix’n’match – this one was made using swiss dots (from Ratucos) and it was quite a pleasure to sew. Plus, it will look great paired with the floral shorts.


As we all know, so many sewing projects, so little (sewing) time ❤

Happy sewing,

Boas costuras,

Ana Sofia


8 thoughts on “Summer Camp Ready

  1. Do you think the citronelle patterns would be easy to follow not knowing French? They have such sweet patterns but I can only read English!

    1. Individual Citronille patterns don’t have very detailed instructions and include step-by-step illustrations that would be suitable even if you don’t understand french (I know french, but mostly just follow the drawings). The patterns included in the books (like this one) don’t include step-by-step illustrations (only text) but, are not difficult to sew – this top only has 3 pieces + bias for the armholes and the construction is quite simple.

  2. I bet you could cut the arm holes lower and it will fit all summer. Cute blouse!! I love to see what you sew for her each year! You are very talented!

  3. Lovely outfits. As always, photographed at your house it all looks, so clean, pretty and bright. Hopefully the clothes come home from camp in a similar state! 🙂

    1. I wish – with 3 kids (and friends) around, there’s always something to clean. Luckily, the shorts come home always dirty (as they should be, right?) 🙂

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