Vintage Butterick from Constança

My dear friend Constança has the best eye for unveiling beautiful treasures from op shops and local markets, such as vintage sewing patterns and other treasures (fingers-crossed she will start selling them soon in her Etsy store).

I have a weakness for these wonderful pieces that take us back to an era when sewing was part of our mothers/grandmothers daily life. I always feel a bit nostalgic looking at those gorgeous illustrations and instructions, and love to imagine the dresses that were made using them. If only, these patterns could speak …

The lovelly Butterick 6039 pattern above (generously gifted to me by Constança) featuring a sundress (with several options) was just perfect for my daughter.

As soon as I got it, my eyes were set on view C, which would make a perfect beach dress (yes, I do love the ruffle bands!), but she had other plans – she asked for something a bit simple (no ruffles, seriously!) and shorter (top instead of dress).

As much as I loved view C, nowadays I’m willing to compromise on her wardrobe (otherwise, garments will be tossed into a drawer at the earliest opportunity), so I made a top version using view A.

I knew exactly what fabric to use – I got it from a local shop (Arco-íris-a-metro) just because of it’s vintage vibe. Plus, a bright cherries top is always a must-have for summer, right?

I followed the pattern instructions with only a slightly mod, adding buttons instead of a zipper to the back. Surprisingly, the sewing instructions for this pattern were quite straight-forward and it was really a pleasure to sew (usually, vintage instructions are a bit scarce and assume too much).

The fit is just spot-on on my girl and, obviously, she was so proud of “her” design mods 😉

The top pairs beautiful with her chambray shorts (pattern is Clover) and it’s just perfect. As you know, I love timeless designs, and this pattern was just my cup of tea ❤

Happy sewing,

Boas costuras,

Ana Sofia

4 thoughts on “Vintage Butterick from Constança

  1. Hi 🙂

    I subscribe to your blog and love the things you sew!

    I have a question for you regarding the citronelle patterns. I only speak and read English. Do you think I would still be able to follow along on their patterns not knowing how to speak French? I have been admiring a great many of their patterns for a long time but I don’t want to waste the money buying them if they will be unusable to me!

    Thank you so much! 🙂 Erica

    1. Hi Erica,
      Individual Citronille patterns (like the ones in their website don’t have very detailed instructions but include step-by-step illustrations that would be suitable even if you don’t understand french (I know french, but mostly just follow the drawings). The patterns included in their books (like this one: don’t include step-by-step illustrations (only text) but, are not difficult to sew – most of them only have a few pieces and the construction is quite basic. Nevertheless, there are also a couple of patterns already translated to English (here:

  2. What a cute sewing pattern for little girls dresses and shirts. I’m pretty sure my grandmother had also used this pattern to sew some of my clothes when I was young.

  3. What a cute sewing pattern for little girls dresses and shirts. I’m pretty sure my grandmother had also used this pattern to sew some of my clothes when I was young. I’m excited to try this for a cute sundress for my daughter.

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