It’s Inês Inspiration day!! (if you don’t know my friend Inês, please check here before proceeding. You’ll be amazed!!). 

(the art above was created by the talented Toya. Isn’t it cool?)

A group of very talented sewers/bloggers gathered to send their love and appreciation to Inês – Inês is incredibly talented and everything she sews is flawless. Plus, this girl has style (tons of it)!!

I got invited at the last minute and, to be honest, I panicked for a few minutes! The case is, although I love Inês style, it’s very different from my own (boring, always the same, etc. you get the picture, right?) so I got a bit lost.

Then, I remember my last order from Nosh fabrics (totally blaming Inês for this new addiction) . Can you spot “The” cool fabric in between the pinks and stripes?

Yes, Inês made me do it ❤


I did try to find a Inês-friendly pattern for making the best of this Inês-inspired fabric: I looked for something cool, casual (but still very smart) and stylish.


I picked the new tee pattern from Liesl+Co, the Chai Tee and was really pleased with the outcome ❤

Obviously, I still need to work (a lot!!) on my posing skills, but I swear I made an effort (I’m extremely camera shy)!

Besides her great sense of style, Inês always displays the best smile – I have the pleasure of calling her a friend (in real life) and can assure you that her smile always brightens the room.


The Chai tee is extremely easy to sew (in a blink of an eye, literally) and it’s a perfect wardrobe staple – I’ll be adding more to my collection (probably going one size smaller as this one looks a tad big on me).


Thank you so much for your Inspiration and friendship, Inês!

We ❤ Inês and I’m quite sure you will as well!

Be sure to check the links bellow for further Inespiration:

12 thoughts on “Inespiration

  1. Defintiely cool, casual but smart and stylish. Ha I love that you can make it in the blink of an eye. If it were me, it would be more like the time it takes for a long nap. Lol!!

  2. HIPPU rocks….what a great looking tee! I just want to have a permanent stash of that fabric and sew all the things 🙂

  3. Adoro! Ando de olho nesse molde novo da Liesl and Co. e gosto tanto da tua versão que acho que vou ter mesmo que o comprar. O cair do Hippu é perfeito para o molde. Apetece-me ter um top assim em cada uma das cores.

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