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Anspired | Improvisational Pleated Hanami

Today is all about An ❤ It all started when Suz send an email asking a group of sewing bloggers to celebrate An’s inspiration and our love for StraightGrain patterns. Obviously, I was in!! I knew An before she even started designing patterns and I’ve always been captivated by her approach to children clothing, unique designs and… Continue reading Anspired | Improvisational Pleated Hanami


Mãos à Obra | A Book Review

Today, my post is not sewing-related. I would like to introduce a new book, “Mãos-á-Obra” published by a (very) talented friend, Constança. Constança blogs at Saídos da Concha and she describes herself as a “rafter, seamstress, baker, trees and flowers lover, experimental homemaker”. She’s Portuguese and is currently based in New Zealand. If you don’t know… Continue reading Mãos à Obra | A Book Review

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Organizing | Kids reading

I think I’ve mentioned before my pet love for Organization. Actually, I’m not making many friends around the house because of it (joking, of course, but I’m sure both husband and kids would prefer a less-organized environment), but recently I found a project that was loudly applauded by everyone (especially, the little ones): the Kidlet (an awesome… Continue reading Organizing | Kids reading