ISHI | Blog Tour

I’m sure you’ve already spotted all the lovely Ishi dresses that have been showing everywhere. I’m a bit (lots) partial on An’s patterns since I’ve tested all of them to date (including her free Lua Sleep sack for dolls – still to be blogged …) and I love them all 🙂 The Ishi dress was… Continue reading ISHI | Blog Tour


Pattern Tour | Nina skirt / culottes

While I’m not yet ready to sew a dress for myself (although I so wish I was), I’ve been working on my (selfish) sewing skills … A couple of weeks ago I decided to accept Marte’s challenge and sew a Nina skirt for myself 😉 I’ve always admired Marte’s unique sense of style and her Compagnie M. patterns… Continue reading Pattern Tour | Nina skirt / culottes


Late posting (again) – the new Mara

Glad to be back here again! The Easter/Spring break (really, already?) has arrived and as much as I’d love, I don’t find it easier to have time to manage everything. Like most of you (do tell me that’s true!), finding a balance between family/personal life and a full-time job can be quite challenging. Obviously, something… Continue reading Late posting (again) – the new Mara

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Pretty Birds – Blog Tour

Although I usually post mostly clothes I sew for my kids, my “sewing portfolio” also includes sewing that involves the actual kids 🙂 My kids, especially the younger ones, have a natural attraction to my sewing machine and while I obviously love to nurture that love, I’m often not excited for sharing my sewing with… Continue reading Pretty Birds – Blog Tour


Refashion Week at House of Estrela

I’m not the best candidate for refashion clothes as much of my own clothes are actually worn to exhaustion (i.e. usually not good enough to refashion) and my kid’s clothes are usually (with a very few exceptions) handed-down to other children. Obviously, I still have my husband clothes – and these usually are in a pretty good… Continue reading Refashion Week at House of Estrela