kaki dress | Children’s Corner

It’s no secret that I love Children’s Corner patterns ❤ Although I’m a huge fan of their timeless designs and sewing techniques, it’s great to see new designs come to life – especially if knits are involved (let’s be honest, my girl loves anything made with knits!). Their new pattern, the Kaki dress, is suitable for… Continue reading kaki dress | Children’s Corner


Ginger Sundress | Children’s Corner

A few years ago, when I first heard of Children’s Corner patterns (and immediately feel in love with them), I purchased quite a few from an online shop closing-sale. I’ve kept (and used) most of them, still, there was one pattern in particular (CC Virginia) that I never managed to sew and, somehow, lost track of… Continue reading Ginger Sundress | Children’s Corner

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The Allie Dress and Blouse (Children’s Corner pattern)

It’s not actually easy for me to post about Children’s Corner pattern without sounding too repeating. I’ve posted about so many already ❤ Children’s Corner patterns have been my favorites ever since they I learned about them (long long ago) and since then I’ve become an avid collector – I picked several from eBay sales and a… Continue reading The Allie Dress and Blouse (Children’s Corner pattern)

Sewing for Miss M

Sewing update | Stacia, Stella and Mary Dee

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last post here. Sorry! Between the mandatory office work, there have been additional work requests (which I’m truly thankful for), a couple of celebrations to prepare (a First Communion and a Confirmation) and much more in-between, I hardly have any time left lately. Hence, I decided to keep… Continue reading Sewing update | Stacia, Stella and Mary Dee