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Summer last dress (for now, at least)

Kid’s Clothes Week is starting tomorrow (or today, depending on your time zone), so I might take the opportunity to show you probably a last summer dress (there were actually a few more, but I’m not sure if they will be shown here). This dress was not actually planned in advance, but the day before our… Continue reading Summer last dress (for now, at least)

Sewing for Miss M

Sewing update | Stacia, Stella and Mary Dee

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last post here. Sorry! Between the mandatory office work, there have been additional work requests (which I’m truly thankful for), a couple of celebrations to prepare (a First Communion and a Confirmation) and much more in-between, I hardly have any time left lately. Hence, I decided to keep… Continue reading Sewing update | Stacia, Stella and Mary Dee


Late posting (again) – the new Mara

Glad to be back here again! The Easter/Spring break (really, already?) has arrived and as much as I’d love, I don’t find it easier to have time to manage everything. Like most of you (do tell me that’s true!), finding a balance between family/personal life and a full-time job can be quite challenging. Obviously, something… Continue reading Late posting (again) – the new Mara


Refashion Week at House of Estrela

I’m not the best candidate for refashion clothes as much of my own clothes are actually worn to exhaustion (i.e. usually not good enough to refashion) and my kid’s clothes are usually (with a very few exceptions) handed-down to other children. Obviously, I still have my husband clothes – and these usually are in a pretty good… Continue reading Refashion Week at House of Estrela