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Adelaide Dress | The Cottage Mama

I tested the Adelaide Dress by The Cottage Mama back in February but the lighting was not good enough to proper outdoor photos and indoor photos were a resource solution.  Nevertheless, it’s been quite a while (and this dress already had quite a few wears) and I still haven’t replace the original (indoor) photos – it’s obviously my fault as I always… Continue reading Adelaide Dress | The Cottage Mama

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Berlin Coat – Blog Tour

Did you remember the lovely Moiano coat, from Straight Grain, that I made back in May? It’s the perfect jacket to get us through our Mediterranean winters: mild temperatures (usually never bellow +10ºC), wind and a bit of rain as well. Still, as much as I loved it (I would ranked it among one of my all time favorite… Continue reading Berlin Coat – Blog Tour

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Moiano Coat – Blog Tour

It might be a bit odd to sew a new coat when summer finally decided to surprised us around here, but considering this particular pattern is from the amazing An from Straight Grain, I suppose that’s all I needed to know , right? The coat pattern in question is called Moiano and you’ve probably already spotted it in the social… Continue reading Moiano Coat – Blog Tour

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The [Updated] Swingset Skirt

I was lucky to “discover” Oliver+S patterns shortly after their initial debut (in 2008). My first purchase from their initial collection was the Tea Party sundress, quickly followed by the Puppet Show Tunic and Shorts (truly a must-have) and the Bubble dress. However, the Swingset Tunic (and Skirt) never went into my shopping cart! Mostly due… Continue reading The [Updated] Swingset Skirt

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Kids Clothes Week | Opening act

I hear myself saying it time and time again: I’m okay with making sewing actually happen (as long as I’ve done some prep work). It’s taking pictures (late after the sewing is over and kids are back exhausted from school) and posting about it, that gets me every time. As much as I plan in advance… Continue reading Kids Clothes Week | Opening act


The Day Off Backpack | Gingercake Patterns

I always spend the last couple of days before our summer holidays trying to get everything ready. As much as I love travelling, packaging is an entirely different story. Especially, when I also have to pack for 3 kids and make sure they take a small amount of toys/books to amuse themselves during the journey. This… Continue reading The Day Off Backpack | Gingercake Patterns