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Patricia’s Baby Shower


My friend Patricia is having a baby girl (you can find her here in Pequeno Mundo a 3). Princess S is due in just a few weeks, and as soon as she told us the good news, we (a group of sewing friends) decided to start sewing ….

Sewing for a newborn baby is so much fun – everything is smaller than expected (I keep checking if I got my measurements right) and obviously “doll-size” clothes are absolutely adorable.

To be honest, it’s so easy to get a bit carried away and sew an entire wardrobe…

I sew 1 baby dress (crosses in the back) and 2 ruffle neck blouses. The baby dress was made using the Blandine dress pattern from Citronille, a traditional baby dress that crosses in the back and has a full gathered skirt. It’s a size 3 months. Citronille_Blandine_1

This dress was a favorite around here – my girl tried to persuade me to let her have it for her “baby” and when she realized she couldn’t have it, she made me promise I will sew another for her (baby). It’s actually very easy to make so I reckon her baby will have one (or two) pretty soon 🙂

The neck ruffle collar blouses were made from different patterns (both fully approved as I’ve already done these before).

Liberty and voile blouses_Ottobre 6_2012 Citronille

The Felicité Liberty version is from Ottobre 4/2012. For this version I skipped the elastic gathering at the sleeves, but other than that I followed the instructions quite closely.

Liberty blouse_Ottobre 6_2012

I couldn’t resist sewing a white Swiss dot blouse (Myrantine blouse from Citronille). Probably white blouses are not the best options for babies (and I should know better), but this fabric was a dream to work with and I found it perfect for layette sewing. Both blouses are a size 3 months.

Voile blouse_Myrantine Citronille

Sewing baby clothes can be quite addicted (I needed to stop myself) – consider yourself warned 🙂

Patricia’s older girl (Miss C.) is excited to become a big sister and obviously I couldn’t left her out of my sewing plans.

I selected one of my favorite pinafore pattern – the Kokeshi pinafore from Ottobre. This size should fit a 3-years old, but as the fit is quite generous I hope she can wear it for quite some time.

Ottobre Kokeshi Pinafore_2

My favorite feature: The shoulder ruffles (and the bold rose’s fabric picked by my girl) ❤

Ottobre Kokeshi Pinafore_1

We managed to kept our plans secret for the last couple of months and I’m sure Patricia’s didn’t suspect of anything. Hopefully she will read our posts before the postman starts delivering a bunch of packages full of lovely handmade goodies for the new baby, her soon-to-be big sister and the new mum. ❤

For checking everything that will be delivered to Patricia’s doorstep follow these links: Carla, Constança, Inês, Maria João, MagdaMarta, Rita+FátimaSoraia e Sara.

Hope you love it Patricia 🙂

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

38 thoughts on “Patricia’s Baby Shower

  1. Oh Ana Sofia, está tudo de sonho! Acho que a Patrícia vai adorar. Fazer roupa para bebés pequeninos é tão bom! 🙂

  2. Tudo tão lindo, ficou amoroso 🙂 Adorei tudo, como sempre e tenho a certeza que a Patrícia também vai adorar 😉

  3. Ana… acabei de abrir os teus embrulhos, que coisas lindas! The blouses are amazing and those dresses are perfection, I feel so lucky and blessed. Thank you so much. They will be wearing them to exhaustion! 😉

    1. 🙂 Que bom Patrícia! Ainda bem que chegou tudo tão depressa.
      I’m so happy you like everything. I’m sure I got a bit carried away with the “pink”, but I just couldn’t help it! Thank you 😉

    1. Obrigada Inês! Não resisti a fazer peças mais “coquetes”. Adorei as tuas – super giras e práticas que é mesmo o que uma mãe com crianças pequenas precisa. (Fala a voz da experiência).

  4. I want them all! So beautiful! Everything.. the patterns, the fabrics, that light in the pictures… I love you also made something for the big sister. So sweet… !

  5. Beautiful pieces for baby and baby’s sister:) I am inspired to try a few of the patterns. Your sewing is perfect:) So glad you share it on this blog!

  6. FAB idea sewing clothes for friend Patricia’s baby girl’s shower gifts! INDEED, a lovely sundress & 2 ruffle-collared neckline blouses in pretty pink flowered print and plain white. My favorite fabric is the pinafore for the older sister, so nice to include for her. THANKS for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

  7. Oh how i wish my friends had your sewing skills ànd taste! Beautiful creations! I love those ruffled collar shirts!! Question: is the ruffle pattern piece a simple rectangle or does it have some curve in it? Thanks!!

  8. Já fiz vários destes cá em casa (igual à primeira fotografia) e ficaram girissimos em vários tamanhos desde os 4 anos até ao tamanho 6-8 anos.
    Este é um dos modelos que mais gosto de fazer e que ficam sempre bem à minha filha Mariana. Tanto como vestido como mais curtos tipo túnica.
    Gostei de todos mas como já não tenho mais bébés cá em casa gostei muito do que está na última fotografia.

    1. Eu também fiz imensos quando a minha filha era mais nova – gosto imenso de os ver vestidos. O vestido da Ottobre é um dos meus preferidos – faz-se num abrir e fechar de olhos e dura imenso (a minha filha chega a usar os dela como túnica, quando começam a ficar curtos …).
      Obrigada pelo comentário 😉

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