I purchased the Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts pattern from Oliver+S when it was first released (in 2011).

I have since then made an average of 3 Picnic Class blouses from my girl (and a few additional ones as gifts), since then.

Recentely, I took advantdge of a sale and purchased the larger size pattern. However, I kept sewing only the blouse.

I had no interest in sewing the shorts and in fact, I knew that from the start.

I purchased the pattern (twice!) because of the blouse and I didn’t take a second look at the shorts.

Yet, this summer, I needed to add more shorts to my girl’s wardrobe and I started looking around. I was looking for a pattern comfy enough to wear in our (very) hot humid summer weather, age-appropriate and stylish enough to wear in different occasions.

After sewing a few favorites (here and here), which I love, I found myself with the Class Picnic Pattern in my hands (I have the paper version) and (finally) decided to give it a try! Seriously, I so wish I had done it before!!

In my defense, I was raised in the (glorious) 80’s, and this style did ring a few bells (I’m so sure I wore a similar style when I was growing…). Not a fashion style one wishes to revisit, right?

Yet, I have to admit: These shorts are cute! (you may have already spot it here before. I’vet been postponing this post for weeks!).

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I discovered Townmouse designs (children clothing) earlier when I started sewing for my girl and Kristine sense of style hugely influenced the way I plan my children’s closet. Townmouse label is from Australia, but their designs have an European appeal featuring timeless and comfortable pieces for both boys and girls.

You may have spotted some Townmouse designs worn by little Royals and featured in high-end fashion magazines. I know I did, and was immediately conquered by the simple lines and fabric choices (Liberty, chambray and gorgeous cotton prints).

Luckily for us, Kristine decided to transfer Townmouse patterns into pdf patterns that are now available from her Etsy store.

There are still some patterns that have yet to be made available (check Kristine post here for more details) but the ones already available provide a good preview of what to expect.

I was lucky enough to test the Isabella Flutter Sleeve Blouse and the Matilda Gypsy Dress and Top.

First, the Isabella Flutter Sleeve Blouse.

Liberty Isabella#3

This blouse features a sweet keyhole detail at the front neck and a simple single button and button loop at the back.

Liberty Isabella#4

I’m particularly partial on the flutter sleeves and because Kristine is a perfectionist, these have a great design – they actually add to the blouse design without overwhelming it.

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Welcome to the Henry & Bedford Blog Tour;)

I was lucky enough to test the Bedford dress, one of the two new patterns from Brooklyn Patterns.

I had tried the Franklin Dress for the Flip this Pattern challenge and was quite impressed with Erin’s work. The Bedford dress is obviously a very different dress and one that actually took me outside my comfort zone (sewing-wise, of course). It’s an A-line tank dress with a (very clever) racerback and exposed zipper.

At first I wasn’t sure if I could actually sew one for my girl (I don’t think I have ever sew or bought a racerback top/dress for her!), but she was over the moon with the back design and keep pushing me to have it done.


I did make a previous version with the exposed zipper, but after some adjustments (I took 2 inches off the dress length, just because I prefer it a bit shorter), in the final version the zipper is not fully “exposed” – just the zipper tape. I guess we all need to compromise ;)

Trust me, this was really a major challenge for me. Even the lady at my local shop, gave me a funny look when I told her I was about to try my first “exposed zipper” (I keep purchasing her the same notions and I’m sure I’m her best customer for mother of pearl buttons) … Bedford_back The fabric combo used for the first version was really sweet (swiss dot cotton in mint with an exposed pink zipper), but it was this “bolder” second version with big green and blue polka dots, that really made it for us.


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KCW is officially over, yet I still have a couple of outfits to post here (hope that sounds familiar to some of you ;)

Remember this picture from earlier last week?

The cute (and I really mean cute) chambray shorts at the bottom are from Papillon&Mandarine (Léon shorts – I have the french version, but there’s an English version available now) and although the shorts were finished one day before the KCW started, I knew I wanted to sew a matching top before posting them here.


In my humble opinion, you can paired chambray with most everything and it will always look great!

Yet, I had purchased a small piece of Liberty (Ella and Libby) from eBay and waited until the package arrived at my doorstep on the very last day of KCW.

I was completely smitten by these colors: red, pink, yellow and bits of blue and green. It screams summer, right?


I’ve lost track on the number of dresses and blouses I made from the lovely Colombine (also from Papilllon&Mandarine and also with an English version already available) and when I saw this tutorial (here) for making a sleeveless Colombine top with added ruffles, I knew it was the perfect summer top!   Continue Reading »

There are still a couple of days left until the end of KCW but (as usual) I’m struggling combine sewing, photographing and blogging every single day.

As most of the sewing happens in the wee hours of the night, the pictures (and blogging) is often postponed to the next day – if everyone is in a good mood ;)

This tunic/top was one of those KCW pieces that was completed in the wee hours of the night. The pattern (M) from a Japanese book: Girls Style Book (English version) and it has been on my sewing list for quite a while. It’s actually my first sewing project from this book.


The Broderie Anglaise fabric was purchased from Ratucos in the beginning of the year and I have been saving it for this project. They only had a tiny bit left when I shop, but it was just enough for making this top (this is size 8 with added seams allowances).


The top is absolutely adorable – obviously I’m a bit partial with tops with flutter sleeves – and I can see a couple of more being added to her closet in the future.

It was a great pattern to sew – the instructions were simple and just enough to get you through all the steps. As most Japanese books, the pictures did most of the task ;)

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I will start with a confession: the shorts featured in this post may have been completed a few days before the actual KCW date.

The shorts from last season were either too tight/short on her, so last weekend, after sewing dresses almost non-stop since Easter for my girl, I finally added a few versions to her closet.


Shorts completed, I decided to use KCW time to sew matching tops.

Here’s the first outfit (Note: please excuse the wrinkles, I took these pictures after she wore the outfit for playing outside in the park. Clever, i know …):


Shorts pattern: Bubble pocket shorts by Elegance & Elephants (love that they come in bigger sizes. My girl is a size 7/8 for shorts!).

Top: Marie by Citronille. Unfortunately, I cut a size 6, but I should have gone a size up. This will only last her this summer :(

For the shorts I used a white cotton pique with a little turquoise trim. For the top, I choose a Blue Swiss Dot Lawn that matches the trim color exactly.


I know, what was I thinking, white Shorts for a girl that is always on the move!! In my defense, these look awful cute on her and will be so easy to mix and match with other pieces from her closet.

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I’m sure we’re all familiar with KCW’s motto by now: “Sew clothes for your kids, 1 hour, each day for, 7 days“.

Considering each day has 24 hours, accomodating 1 hour for sewing looks pretty easy, right?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the previous KCW editions (here, here and here), sewing is easy, but taking pictures and blogging about it can be pretty challenging!

So, I won’t be promising a daily post during this KCW, but I will definitely make a huge effort to get my daily dose of sewing time :)

I’m not quite sure if summer is my favorite season (I was born in the Fall …), but summer sewing is definitely a lot of fun: light fabrics, easy pieces and lots of color.

I could fill my girl’s wardrobe with sundresses – well, actually I might already do that – and the great thing is that they all get lots of wear. We spend so much playing outside and going places that there’s always need for an extra sundress.

There are lots of great patterns out there, and the Oliver+S Seashore dress is among my favorites.

Star Sundress#3

There are so many things to love about this pattern (besides their well-known sewing instructions): the fit is great, it’s perfect for beach wear (we love it), it’s actually an easy pattern to tackle and it always last at least 2 summer seasons around here. Continue Reading »


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