I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last post here. Sorry!

Between the mandatory office work, there have been additional work requests (which I’m truly thankful for), a couple of celebrations to prepare (a First Communion and a Confirmation) and much more in-between, I hardly have any time left lately.

Hence, I decided to keep advantage of this “sewing-break” and take the chance to post here some cute dresses that have been long postponed.

They are all from the same company – Children’s Corner, and as usual these were all such a pleasure to sew.

I own several Children’s Corner patterns (they are only available as paper patterns, but totally worth the international shipping) and have yet to find one that I dislike. I’m usually attracted by their timeless yet contemporary lines. Children’s Corner are definitely among my favorites and ones that I keep coming back for more.

#1 – Stacia

I should be ashamed to mention that this dress was actually sewn in early fall. We’re now heading for summer …

I had sewn a summer version (short sleeves) before and loved it so I knew a fall version was required.


Usually, I’m not a huge fan of peasant-style dresses, but this one actually looks great – the tiered skirts are not overwhelming and I love the way the bodice fits on my girl.


For this version I used a soft viyella paisley print and a deep-red ribbon in-between the skirt panels.

This dress is a size 7 (she was 6-years) and on these pictures it looks a bit large on her. But, trust me it wasn’t large a few months later (and she was able to use it during the winter season).


#2 – Stella

Next on my sewing list, was another Children’s Corner pattern that caught my eyes. The Stella dress features a timeless silhouette – it’s an unlined A-line dress with 2 different sleeve options, that would look great with some sort of embroidery in the front.


As my sewing machine doesn’t come with an embroidery option, I decided to add some interest with trims. I used 3 different types of trims to accomplished this final look – a turquoise lace trim, a white eyelet trim and a small sating ribbon.


I would definitely recommend this pattern for a novice seamstress – It’s a rather simple dress to sew and one that never goes out of style.

The nice lady at the local shop where I purchased my trims and buttons was very impressed with this dress. She said she always loved the way A-line dresses look on little girls. Precious, indeed …


Again a size 7, with some room to grow – I’m sure this one will last her to the end of the summer season.

(Yes, mom’s bracelet was needed for this picture!)

#3 – Mary Dee

The Mary Dee is a sundress, jumper or pinafore that can be made smocked or unsmocked. It has a V-necked wrapped back fastened with buttons.

Mary Dee#1

I did the unsmocked version using a Liberty print (quilting cotton). I’m totally partial about the wrapped back. Obviously my favorite part of this dress <3

Mary Dee#4

I don’t even think the pictures make any justice to this dress – it’s absolutely amazing!

Mary Dee#3

This dress requires a large amount of fabric but the final result is definitely worth it. On a side note, I did took a bit of length off this dress. The original was much longer, but I prefer it shorter (and there’s still enough hem to let down if needed).

Mary Dee#6

My girl raved about the twirl <3

Mary Dee#5

See, why I love sewing dresses? There are always so many options and designs <3

I think these are all wonderful. Don’t you agree? or do you have a favorite?

Happy sewing,

xo, Ana Sofia

KCW Spring 2015 is over :(

As expected, I didn’t managed to sew anything related with the theme (Wild Things), but I did manage to work on some basic pieces.

For the last months I’ve sew quite a lot for my girl – mostly dresses, and to be honest her closet is full of them (even if a couple of more may be added in the coming months).

At the moment, she needs basics – skirts, shorts (I should be sewing shorts, I really should – she outgrew all of them), pants (in the works) and tops, but other than that she has plenty of clothes to pick from.

After sewing the new Oliver + S Butterfly skirt (to match a top I was sewing for a sew-along) I couldn’t help myself from cutting the Butterfly blouse one day later. I was rather impressed with the skirt pattern (although I really shouldn’t be a surprised as I’ve sewn most of Oliver + S pattern and have nothing but good things to say about them): it was so easy (I would definitely recommend it for a beginner) and probably the faster sewing project I’ve done so far.

Butterfly Skirt#2

The skirt didn’t photograph well (Robert Kaufman in Indigo) but hopefully you can get a better idea of the lovely front pleats (my favorite feature) <3

Butterfly Skirt#3

This skirt is a great basic and it’s actually perfect to mix and match with almost everything. Yet, and because tops are still in need, sewing the Butterfly blouse was pretty obvious :)

Butterfly Blouse#1

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It’s KCW time again ;)

This season the theme is “Wild Things”! Exciting, right?

I wouldn’t describe my sewing style as Wild, and as I wasn’t planning on adding anything remotely wild to my kid’s wardrobe I reckoned I wouldn’t be joining the fun this time.

Yet, you can add every project to KCW (even the ones that are not related to the proposed theme). You just need to sew for 1-hour a day, every day of the KCW week for your kids. And that I can do!!

So, here’s my not so wild outfit for KCW:


The blouse is from a BurdaStyle magazine (April issue) and I had it cut for a sew-along proposed by my friend Sonia. The Sew-along happened last week, and although I had everything ready I never managed to find the time to actually sew it.

This blouse (model 135) features butterfly sleeves (very trendy at the moment) and a set of small ruffles at the front. Here’s a technical drawing taken from BurdaStyle website:


The pattern was not difficult to sew (at all). I really recommend Sonia’s sew-along (even if you don’t understand spanish, the images will help you a lot along the way) but this was a rather easy pattern to sew.


The most challenging part were the front ruffles (trying to get them aligned), but after these are set, you’re almost done. I used a Geometric Hilco print from my stash (remnant) and although it’s lovely (and surprisingly soft for a quilting cotton), it was impossible to photograph.


Because the blouse was so easy to complete, I decided that I could easily add up a skirt to match. Oliver+S just released their new Spring 2015 patterns and I knew the Butterfly skirt would be a great match.

This skirt has been rumored to be a very fast sewing, and trust me: that’s so true!!


The skirt pattern includes only 3 pieces (yes, front, back and front waistband) and it’s seriously one of the fastest sewing projects I’ve made so far! When I finished I had to read the instructions again just to make sure I didn’t skipped any step.

Like the blouse, I also find it impossible to capture the skirt properly. I used a dark chambray from Robert Kaufman and although it looks grey it’s actually blue!


Because I was also advise the check the hip measurements before choosing a size for this skirt (thank you Ashley and Emily <3) I picked a size bellow (6 years) for my girl and add adjustable elastic for the waistband. The fitting was perfect!


I’m tempted to sew this skirt using a lighter fabric, although a heavier weight fabric is more suitable to this design (think canvas, denim and home decor fabrics) – the front pleats are adorable, but they actually need some weight to “behave” properly ;)

Summing up, and because these were both very easy projects (the skirt took me less than one hour, including cutting), I would definitely add that the most difficult was really to capture these pieces: Indoor lighting is always bad and at the end of the time is even worst, plus my “model” was only available for 3 (!) photos (she was rushing to do her “homework”).

These were Wild Things!!


Happy sewing,

xo, Ana Sofia

Seriously, there’s so much I wish to share with you that I’m actually a bit lost at where should I begin …

There are still a couple of outfits that were sewn before winter that never made it here – and trust me, they need to, and the Easter dress that I can’t wait to share with you and finally a bit of self-sewing that has also been happening around here (and while I’m not sure about the success rate of these, I can assure you that I’m officially hooked…).

Well, but today, I would like to present you the Antalya dress, which is part of Willow & Co new SS2015 collection, to be released today (at an introductory price) ;) The Antalya dress was designed by the hugely talented Olga that blogs at  Kid Approved and I was lucky to be selected for the testing process.

Testing a new pattern is not as easy as it might appear – it does allow us to learn a lot from what goes on behind the scenes, but trust me, there’s quite a few work before a pattern can actually be available to all of us.

During this testing process, I made 2 versions of the Antalya dress and despite the fact that the latest version is obviously the one that you will be able to purchase, I fell in love with both versions (and yes, my girl as well, so both versions will be actually worn).


My favorite feature from the Antalya dress are the side/front gathers that give it quite a unique twist – the design it’s modern but it still manages to appeal to my classic approach to children’s clothes. Continue Reading »

Flat S visits Lisbon

Earlier this year, we welcomed the visit of Flat S <3

Apparently, after her travels around Spain, she decided to surprise us and showing at our doorstep.

Obviously we couldn’t be happier and took the opportunity to show her more about Lisbon (you can see more about her visit here).

Coincidentally (or maybe not, because these are hugely comfortable to wear) my girl wore her favorite Oliver+S Playtime dresses during the visit. As I never managed to post these here, I’m taking this opportunity to show you a close up of these dresses (same pattern plus different fabrics and trims equals very cute dresses!).

This first version was originally sewed earlier in October – it’s a soft vayella (from here).


Oddly, this is the only Oliver+S pattern I sewed that requires me to do a bit of mash-up, size-wise: The top part is a size 8 and the skirts is a size 6 (otherwise I would find the top a bit too restrictive on my girl. Obviously, she usually wears these dresses with a blouse underneath).


As you know, I’m a self-confessed blue-lover, but these colors (green and brown) work really well with my girl’s skin tone and as a bonus she had a matching cardigan (gift from dad). She actually wore this combo all winter (plus her much loved-sleeveless vest and a collar blouse).


The second version, was also sewed with vayella (I took advantage of a fabric sale here) and I went a bit bolder with the trim – deep red lace and a smaller grey trim.

I don’t think the pictures show it clearly, but I also added some growing tucks to the skirt bottom. This version was made in late winter and, as usual, I was determined to have it last until the end of Spring :)


Unfortunately I don’t have any modeled pictures of this dress, but it’s actually quite lovely (in my humble opinion, of course).


Thank you for reading me <3

Happy sewing,

xoxo Ana Sofia

The fact that this year Easter dress had been picked since late-December, didn’t stop me from considering every new dress pattern as a potential candidate.

Obviously the reason why I need so many Easter dresses is closely related to yet another intriguing fact of life: I can not sew a dress for my girl that is kept in the closet for that long. She actually takes every opportunity to wear a new dress. And, true to be told, I don’t mind a bit …

There’s never such thing as too many dresses (at least, for the moment …).

When Jennifer from Jennuine Designs launched a tester call for the Verona Dress Pattern, I was so happy to be selected. I had seen the technical drawing and was immediately capture by it.

Verona dress#1

If you’re looking for a pattern that includes a vast array of sizes, this one will certainly fit your bill: it runs from newborn to 12 years. Plus, the actual pattern is intended to the beginner sewer: it has no zippers and no buttonholes (the smaller sizes have a button loop in the back for easy dressing). What more could you ask for, right?

Verona dress#5

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I’m sure you have already heard about the buzz: The Flip this Pattern is back over at Frances Suzanne!

Last season, my flip of the Round Around Romper (by The Cottage Mama) was the most voted so I got the opportunity to make a come-back! This time I had the chance to play with the Franklin dress pattern from the lovely Erin from the Brooklyn Pattern Company.

For testing purposes I received a complimentary copy of this pattern to sew, flipped or unflipped, but obviously I “need” to sew it both ways ;)

Collage_Flip this pattern_Franklin dress

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