KCW is officially over, yet I still have a couple of outfits to post here (hope that sounds familiar to some of you ;)

Remember this picture from earlier last week?

The cute (and I really mean cute) chambray shorts at the bottom are from Papillon&Mandarine (Léon shorts – I have the french version, but there’s an English version available now) and although the shorts were finished one day before the KCW started, I knew I wanted to sew a matching top before posting them here.


In my humble opinion, you can paired chambray with most everything and it will always look great!

Yet, I had purchased a small piece of Liberty (Ella and Libby) from eBay and waited until the package arrived at my doorstep on the very last day of KCW.

I was completely smitten by these colors: red, pink, yellow and bits of blue and green. It screams summer, right?


I’ve lost track on the number of dresses and blouses I made from the lovely Colombine (also from Papilllon&Mandarine and also with an English version already available) and when I saw this tutorial (here) for making a sleeveless Colombine top with added ruffles, I knew it was the perfect summer top!   Continue Reading »

There are still a couple of days left until the end of KCW but (as usual) I’m struggling combine sewing, photographing and blogging every single day.

As most of the sewing happens in the wee hours of the night, the pictures (and blogging) is often postponed to the next day – if everyone is in a good mood ;)

This tunic/top was one of those KCW pieces that was completed in the wee hours of the night. The pattern (M) from a Japanese book: Girls Style Book (English version) and it has been on my sewing list for quite a while. It’s actually my first sewing project from this book.


The Broderie Anglaise fabric was purchased from Ratucos in the beginning of the year and I have been saving it for this project. They only had a tiny bit left when I shop, but it was just enough for making this top (this is size 8 with added seams allowances).


The top is absolutely adorable – obviously I’m a bit partial with tops with flutter sleeves – and I can see a couple of more being added to her closet in the future.

It was a great pattern to sew – the instructions were simple and just enough to get you through all the steps. As most Japanese books, the pictures did most of the task ;)

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I will start with a confession: the shorts featured in this post may have been completed a few days before the actual KCW date.

The shorts from last season were either too tight/short on her, so last weekend, after sewing dresses almost non-stop since Easter for my girl, I finally added a few versions to her closet.


Shorts completed, I decided to use KCW time to sew matching tops.

Here’s the first outfit (Note: please excuse the wrinkles, I took these pictures after she wore the outfit for playing outside in the park. Clever, i know …):


Shorts pattern: Bubble pocket shorts by Elegance & Elephants (love that they come in bigger sizes. My girl is a size 7/8 for shorts!).

Top: Marie by Citronille. Unfortunately, I cut a size 6, but I should have gone a size up. This will only last her this summer :(

For the shorts I used a white cotton pique with a little turquoise trim. For the top, I choose a Blue Swiss Dot Lawn that matches the trim color exactly.


I know, what was I thinking, white Shorts for a girl that is always on the move!! In my defense, these look awful cute on her and will be so easy to mix and match with other pieces from her closet.

KCW2#1 Continue Reading »

I’m sure we’re all familiar with KCW’s motto by now: “Sew clothes for your kids, 1 hour, each day for, 7 days“.

Considering each day has 24 hours, accomodating 1 hour for sewing looks pretty easy, right?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the previous KCW editions (here, here and here), sewing is easy, but taking pictures and blogging about it can be pretty challenging!

So, I won’t be promising a daily post during this KCW, but I will definitely make a huge effort to get my daily dose of sewing time :)

I’m not quite sure if summer is my favorite season (I was born in the Fall …), but summer sewing is definitely a lot of fun: light fabrics, easy pieces and lots of color.

I could fill my girl’s wardrobe with sundresses – well, actually I might already do that – and the great thing is that they all get lots of wear. We spend so much playing outside and going places that there’s always need for an extra sundress.

There are lots of great patterns out there, and the Oliver+S Seashore dress is among my favorites.

Star Sundress#3

There are so many things to love about this pattern (besides their well-known sewing instructions): the fit is great, it’s perfect for beach wear (we love it), it’s actually an easy pattern to tackle and it always last at least 2 summer seasons around here. Continue Reading »

ISHI | Blog Tour

I’m sure you’ve already spotted all the lovely Ishi dresses that have been showing everywhere.

I’m a bit (lots) partial on An’s patterns since I’ve tested all of them to date (including her free Lua Sleep sack for dolls – still to be blogged …) and I love them all :)

The Ishi dress was not exception. I was capture by this dress the minute I saw a preview by An on Straightgrain. I’m not quite sure if it were the pockets (two big pockets perfectly placed on the dress), the color block potential or the sleek lines that did it for me. All I knew was that it immediately become a must-have pattern for my girl.

The most challenging part for me was choosing the color/fabric combo for this dress. I wanted something beautiful (obviously!), girly (again, obvious!) but that would take me a bit outside from my comfort zone (Liberty and floral prints). It wasn’t easy, but I finally made my choices: White pique for the main dress and sleeves, sand linen for the side panels and a Liberty cotton print that is a bit unusual to me (although I had already used it before, here).


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I still can’t believe it has been over two months since Easter…

This year, I had quite a couple of “Easter dresses” candidates ready for my girl, so it wasn’t easy to choose the one she actually wore to church.

Nevertheless, when Rachel posted here on customizing Oliver+S patterns (just a couple of days before Easter) I was immediately inspired. Working full-time, I must admit I didn’t have the time to get all the supplies I needed for making one of these lovely versions (and I do want/need to sew a couple of them right away), but I was inspired to sew a Garden Party dress with just a minor mod ;)

I could be more happy about it: Easter dress The Liberty print (Betsy Turquoise. Love it!) was waiting for the right “project” and I always have some trimmings ready to be used in my cupboard, so this actually a easy to pull-off project. I even had the pattern pieces already cut off and ready to go (This dress is a size 7). Although to be honest, I was literally sewing the back button as we headed off the door.

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While I’m not yet ready to sew a dress for myself (although I so wish I was), I’ve been working on my (selfish) sewing skills … A couple of weeks ago I decided to accept Marte’s challenge and sew a Nina skirt for myself ;)

Nina skirt#6

I’ve always admired Marte’s unique sense of style and her Compagnie M. patterns are equality stylish with a very modern twist. Whilst they may not seem like the most obvious choice for someone (like me) that usually leans towards more classic designs, I actually love every single pattern I’ve used from her – my girl always gets lots of compliments when wearing one of her patterns (for example, here, here and here).

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