Flat S visits Lisbon

Earlier this year, we welcomed the visit of Flat S <3

Apparently, after her travels around Spain, she decided to surprise us and showing at our doorstep.

Obviously we couldn’t be happier and took the opportunity to show her more about Lisbon (you can see more about her visit here).

Coincidentally (or maybe not, because these are hugely comfortable to wear) my girl wore her favorite Oliver+S Playtime dresses during the visit. As I never managed to post these here, I’m taking this opportunity to show you a close up of these dresses (same pattern plus different fabrics and trims equals very cute dresses!).

This first version was originally sewed earlier in October – it’s a soft vayella (from here).


Oddly, this is the only Oliver+S pattern I sewed that requires me to do a bit of mash-up, size-wise: The top part is a size 8 and the skirts is a size 6 (otherwise I would find the top a bit too restrictive on my girl. Obviously, she usually wears these dresses with a blouse underneath).


As you know, I’m a self-confessed blue-lover, but these colors (green and brown) work really well with my girl’s skin tone and as a bonus she had a matching cardigan (gift from dad). She actually wore this combo all winter (plus her much loved-sleeveless vest and a collar blouse).


The second version, was also sewed with vayella (I took advantage of a fabric sale here) and I went a bit bolder with the trim – deep red lace and a smaller grey trim.

I don’t think the pictures show it clearly, but I also added some growing tucks to the skirt bottom. This version was made in late winter and, as usual, I was determined to have it last until the end of Spring :)


Unfortunately I don’t have any modeled pictures of this dress, but it’s actually quite lovely (in my humble opinion, of course).


Thank you for reading me <3

Happy sewing,

xoxo Ana Sofia

The fact that this year Easter dress had been picked since late-December, didn’t stop me from considering every new dress pattern as a potential candidate.

Obviously the reason why I need so many Easter dresses is closely related to yet another intriguing fact of life: I can not sew a dress for my girl that is kept in the closet for that long. She actually takes every opportunity to wear a new dress. And, true to be told, I don’t mind a bit …

There’s never such thing as too many dresses (at least, for the moment …).

When Jennifer from Jennuine Designs launched a tester call for the Verona Dress Pattern, I was so happy to be selected. I had seen the technical drawing and was immediately capture by it.

Verona dress#1

If you’re looking for a pattern that includes a vast array of sizes, this one will certainly fit your bill: it runs from newborn to 12 years. Plus, the actual pattern is intended to the beginner sewer: it has no zippers and no buttonholes (the smaller sizes have a button loop in the back for easy dressing). What more could you ask for, right?

Verona dress#5

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I’m sure you have already heard about the buzz: The Flip this Pattern is back over at Frances Suzanne!

Last season, my flip of the Round Around Romper (by The Cottage Mama) was the most voted so I got the opportunity to make a come-back! This time I had the chance to play with the Franklin dress pattern from the lovely Erin from the Brooklyn Pattern Company.

For testing purposes I received a complimentary copy of this pattern to sew, flipped or unflipped, but obviously I “need” to sew it both ways ;)

Collage_Flip this pattern_Franklin dress

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Glad to be back here again!

The Easter/Spring break (really, already?) has arrived and as much as I’d love, I don’t find it easier to have time to manage everything. Like most of you (do tell me that’s true!), finding a balance between family/personal life and a full-time job can be quite challenging. Obviously, something has to be left behind …

Nevertheless, I can honestly, it hasn’t been sewing! I have so much to show and tell :)

If you sew for a little girl, you must have already noticed the “new Mara” blouse from Compagnie M. The improved version of the much-loved Mara blouse was released early this winter yet it took me this long to post about it her (shame on me) …

mara blouse_sisforsewing#2

As most of you already noticed, I love Marte’s unique sense of style and the fact that her designs are always so clever and innovative (I have a big crush on the way she manages to incorporate the smartest pockets and collars into her patterns).

I made this (beautiful, in my opinion) Mara version a few months ago (a bit before Christmas) and it soon became a staple in my girl’s wardrobe.

I used a soft vayella and piping made of a classic Liberty print (Liberty Fairford). The tortoise shell buttons are from my stash. Sometimes simple is better, right?

mara blouse_sisforsewing#3

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My friend Patricia is having a baby girl (you can find her here in Pequeno Mundo a 3). Princess S is due in just a few weeks, and as soon as she told us the good news, we (a group of sewing friends) decided to start sewing ….

Sewing for a newborn baby is so much fun – everything is smaller than expected (I keep checking if I got my measurements right) and obviously “doll-size” clothes are absolutely adorable.

To be honest, it’s so easy to get a bit carried away and sew an entire wardrobe…

I sew 1 baby dress (crosses in the back) and 2 ruffle neck blouses. The baby dress was made using the Blandine dress pattern from Citronille, a traditional baby dress that crosses in the back and has a full gathered skirt. It’s a size 3 months. Citronille_Blandine_1

This dress was a favorite around here – my girl tried to persuade me to let her have it for her “baby” and when she realized she couldn’t have it, she made me promise I will sew another for her (baby). It’s actually very easy to make so I reckon her baby will have one (or two) pretty soon :)

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Although I usually post mostly clothes I sew for my kids, my “sewing portfolio” also includes sewing that involves the actual kids :)

My kids, especially the younger ones, have a natural attraction to my sewing machine and while I obviously love to nurture that love, I’m often not excited for sharing my sewing with little ones when it involved sewing something that will be worn outsider the house – they still need more practice for stitching straight lines and actually “following” pattern instructions.

One of the few exceptions is when I sew toys or little gifts <3

Hence, enters the upcoming “Pretty Birds!: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love” by Virginia Lindsay from the Gingercake patterns (Some of her patterns were already featured here and here).


Virginia contacted me to see if I was interested in sewing a bird – coincidentally I had just completed a Gingercake’s project (upcoming soon, I promise), so obviously I said yes.  This adorable pattern book features cardinals, hummingbirds, eagles, doves, woodpeckers, robins and many more.

Most of the projects are easy enough for a beginner (and others are more complex, but totally achievable). If you wish to give it a try, the publisher released the owl pattern here.

I was send a pdf version of the book and as soon as I opened it, 2 little bird lovers decided to join the fun. While flipping the pages, my heart was set on the peacock (or the robin), but they both choose the Bluebird (cute I must admit).

Although it wasn’t a difficult project for them, it did took some supervision. Nevertheless, look what they’ve accomplished (with a little help from myself, if I may say so):


They selected fabric options from my Liberty scrap bin – I wasn’t surprise by their similar options, nowadays they seem to do everything alike.


I assume that once I managed to find some “sole” sewing time, I’ll be able to sew the peacock quite easily.

Overall, the book includes 18 patterns for sewing your favorite bird and as a bonus, each pattern comes with additional ideas for customizing your bird. Clever, right?


If you would like to enter to win a special prize of a bird kit and book, there will be 5 winners chosen at the end of the blog tour! Just click the link bellow:


And don’t Forget to check all the other participants in the Pretty Birds blog tour:


By Virginia Lindsay

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Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

Thank you | Obrigada

I love to sew for my kids, but last Christmas I had the opportunity to sew for a little girl I knew nothing about.

When my friend Patricia challenged me and other sewing friends if we would be willing to sew for a group of children, we happy said: Yes!. Our aim was to use sewing to make pieces that fit the needs of these children and their mothers.

On a not-so-random selection, the recipient of my sewing endeavor was “Princess R.”, a lovely 1 year-old baby girl.

“Princess R.” and her mother as well as many other girls and their mums are supported by Mums & Kids, a Portuguese charity that provides temporary shelter to children and mothers facing social exclusion (you can read more about it here).


Sewing is an amazing gift when we sew for our children but it’s truly especial when we sew for others. <3

It was an honor to sew for “Princess R.”.


My heart was so full when I stitched these pieces thinking about the little girl and their mother.

My heart was so happy when I saw my own kid’s getting involved in the process – selecting fabrics, picking buttons and providing me with sewing time so that everything could be ready before Christmas.


I won’t be blogging about the details of these pieces (bellow, I will add the pattern’s names), because the most important message today is for the special persons that make Mum’s & Kids work possible and for the mothers and children that need our help every day of the year.


Other sewing bloggers involved this initiative:

Pequeno Mundo a 3

House of Estrela

Fairies, Bubbles & Co.

Sew Happy

Do Guincho

Conversas de Hermanas

Made by Sara

Rita Pirolita

Saídos da Concha

I hope “Princess R.” and her mother loved the new clothes. Sewing for this baby girl was my special Christmas gift.

Thank you <3

Patterns used:

Pinafore dress – Ottobre 1/2009 (also available as individual pattern from Ottobre etsy shop)

Baby ruffle-collar blouse – Ottobre 6/2012 

Corduroy pants – Oliver+S Lullaby Layette Set

(the doll was made using a fabric bought from Ottobre shop that is no longer available).

Thank you for reading ;)

Ana Sofia


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