Sewing for boys

The way I choose to dress my boys doesn’t differ much from what I choose to my girl: classic colors, timeless designs and natural fabrics. Yet, I often find it difficult to engage in cute sewing for my boys (the kind that they really wear and doesn’t get worn only once to please me). Nevertheless,… Continue reading Sewing for boys

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Giveaway (Oliver+S plus and a bit of sewing inspiration)

This giveaway is now closed. I’ll be posting the (randomly selected) winner tomorrow. Thank you and good luck to you all 🙂 Confession: I have this give away ready to go since last November! (photos were taken in early December and everything has been waiting for some time to blog, lol) Yes, that’s how belated… Continue reading Giveaway (Oliver+S plus and a bit of sewing inspiration)

Random notes


Happy New Year!!!  No time to look back on any sewing achivements (which were more than I care to admit), yet so looking forward for a whole New Year year of sewing, crafting and sharing 🙂 Inspiration, happiness and love to you all! Thank you for been there! Love, Ana Sofia