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Addicted to reading? (seriously!)

Books have always been amongst my favorite things in life.

My kids are fortunate enough to have lots of books around – new, inherit from their grandparents, borrowed from libraries and friends, rescued from thrift sales and school auctions (their favorites, of course)…

I can honestly say that loving books (and reading) is embedded in our family DNA.

Yet, lately Miss M has been taking her love of books into a different level.

Reading (trying at least) has been used as a way of escaping my (rather unpleasant, I suppose) requests for more photos.

Still, I’m not complaining.

After all, I love watching the “reading bug” grow on her…

For the dress I used a new pattern from Children’s Corner, Ruthie.

I was smitten by it the minute I saw the liberty version in their website (so similar to some Papo d’Anjo versions that caught my eye a few seasons before).

My initial plan was to sew the long-sleeve version , but by the time I managed to get my hands on it (i.e. find some sewing time) spring was arriving…

I love the way it fits on my girl (very sweet), but I’m quite sure this is not a pattern for the trendy-girl/mum.

Not too much details. It’s a quite simple dress (yet, so cute on). Love the gathers and the peter pan collar (the short sleeves are also lined).

A bit of an old-fashioned vibe that I just happen to love ….

It you love this sort of old-fashioned look (may I call it vintage?), this is the pattern for you:

Great instructions, very easy and quick to sew (took me an afternoon) and a really amazing video tutorial for making the wrap-around yoke that is begging to be tested (amazing technique).

PS. This dress has been ready for almost 1-month. It has been waiting for the buttons! And now, I’m considering changing these buttons for some mother-of-pearl buttons I got at the stock-off sale. I’m guessing that will take me another month …

7 thoughts on “Addicted to reading? (seriously!)

  1. the dress grabbed me at the first photo! I love it and think i might need to pick up the pattern. It does have an old fashion vibe that i happen to love too! sweet fabric too!!

    1. Thank you!
      The pattern was a pleasure to sew – very well written and I just love the video tutorials for the placket.
      I love this look on her and because the dress has lots of “room to move” she feels quite comfortable in it.
      The print is an old favorite from Fabric Finders I had in my stash and although I prefer the blue and the green colorways of this print, she was very very happy with the pink 🙂

    1. Library dates are very popular around here as well- They even have their own “library bags” (inspired by a soulemama post some years ago).
      I was told this week at a school meeting (with all parents) that we should promote reading with our kids from an early age. I’m guessing we’re doing ok in this chapter 🙂

  2. The dress is perfect. I would keep the buttons they bring up the light pink in the dress. this old fashion style for girls is my favorite too.

    1. Thank you!
      The buttons are definitely staying.
      After taking 1 month to sew them on, I’m pretty sure she’ll grow out of the dress before I find myself sometime to replace them.
      And you’re right; the pink (on the buttons) fits nicely with the print.

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