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Anspired | Improvisational Pleated Hanami

Today is all about An
It all started when Suz send an email asking a group of sewing bloggers to celebrate An’s inspiration and our love for StraightGrain patterns.
Obviously, I was in!!
I knew An before she even started designing patterns and I’ve always been captivated by her approach to children clothing, unique designs and sense of style – piping, cutting edge prints, amazing details. Her patterns never disappoint and I’m always hoping for her next pattern.
I’ve made all of An’s patterns to date (even if I failed to blog about them all) and sincerely love her designs.
For celebrating An’s recent venture into paper patterns (yeah, if like me you’re a fan), I decided to sew one of my all time Straightgrain patterns – the Hanami dress and top (with a few incorporated a few mods).
Although I’ve done all of An’s patterns to date, there was one technique that I still wanted to try (but keep postponing).
The Improvisational pleating is a great way to manipulate fabric and achieve an unique result and An’s tutorial for Birch fabrics has been on my to-sew/to-try list for too long.

The Hanami is a great pattern to add this technique – it has a simple front bodice that is perfect to play with …
To be honest, I always find my sewing style a bit too predictable, so by incorporating this new technique I was hoping to make it a bit less … boring 😉
This pleating technique is so clever and pretty easy to do and the outcome is sure to impress – and although, I probably didn’t made it as improvisational as I should (I kept adjusting the pleats in order to get them right), I still love the result.
I kept my fabric combo very simple (appealing to a pre-teen is proving to be so difficult …) using white seersucker from The Sweet Mercerie and a Liberty remnant from my stash (these were the very last bits of this print).
I’m a bit partial on the tiny peplum – it’s so adorable!
I made a slight mod to the back of the Hanami top instead of using the crossed back or the invisible zipper options included in the pattern: my version is slightly scooped and has a row of (wooden) flower buttons (cute, right?).
Obviously, my girl wasn’t seriously impressed with my efforts …
Apparently cooking “magic breads” (i.e. little seeds collected during a school trip to the beach) was more interesting …
Nevertheless, after the “cooking” was done, she jumped straight into “modelling mode”, but by then my camera battery was not working and the sun was already setting.

Well, we did manage to get a “Thank you An” sort of picture 🙂

If by any chance, you are new to An’s patterns, take a peek at her shop.
I’m sure you will find them as amazing as we all do.
And obviously, don’t forget to check these lovely and amazing ladies bellow. We’re set to send lots of sewing love to An’s by doing what we love most – sewing her patterns and being inspired by her work ❤
Thank you An for the inspiration you bring to the sewing community!!
And, thank you Suz for spreading our sewing love!

5 thoughts on “Anspired | Improvisational Pleated Hanami

  1. Thank you so much, Ana Sofia! The top is so beautiful, and I love how it combines your and my style. The #anspired project was such an amazing surprise, of which I still haven’t entirely recovered yet. I’m so blessed with friends like you! xo

  2. Well, cooking IS serious business hehehe Love love love the top. At the same time it is perfectly ‘you’ as well as An 🙂

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