The Fringe | Dress and Blouse

Lately, I’ve been sewing a bit more for me although I don’t blog much about it. I have to admit that it’s not as easy as sewing for my kids – I always struggle with (my) measurements and getting the right fit so when I encounter a pattern/designer that suits me well, I become (immediately) addicted.

That’s what happens with Chalk and Notch patterns – I’ve made their Farrah blouse so many times since it was released (seven and I’m still not done with it), that when I find out that Gabriela was looking for testers for a new pattern, I didn’t think twice before applying (and was lucky to be selected).

The Fringe pattern is a woven pattern that offers two views. View A has a button up front, elbow sleeve and sleeve tab. View B has a pull over, notched front with a cuff.

I made view B in the blouse option (both views include blouse and dress lengths) in size 4 with no major mods, except to shorten the skirt by aprox. 2cm (which is something I have to do for most of the patterns).

Fringe Liberty#4

I can’t tell you how much I love this blouse (and how much I want to sew the dress option). The blouse fitted quite well into my summer wardrobe – I love the delicate neckline and the skirt has the best hemline. I’ll need to sew the other version as well. So many options …

As recommended, I used a lightweight fabric (Liberty cotton lawn) but I have to confess that I’ve already made another version in a heavier weight fabric (summer tweed) and I also love the way it drapes, even if this pattern is (indeed) best-suited for medium to light-weight fabrics (unfortunately, I couldn’t get any proper photos before our holidays – I’ll be adding them to my IG as soon as I have them).

The pattern is just released and will be on sale until next Monday, August 28th (more details and coupon codes here).

Happy sewing,

Boas Costuras,

Ana Sofia


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  1. I am so thrilled that you joined the test for the Fringe. I love all of your Farrahs and I hope you are enjoying your holiday!

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