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While I’m not yet ready to sew a dress for myself (although I so wish I was), I’ve been working on my (selfish) sewing skills … A couple of weeks ago I decided to accept Marte’s challenge and sew a Nina skirt for myself 😉

Nina skirt#6

I’ve always admired Marte’s unique sense of style and her Compagnie M. patterns are equality stylish with a very modern twist. Whilst they may not seem like the most obvious choice for someone (like me) that usually leans towards more classic designs, I actually love every single pattern I’ve used from her – my girl always gets lots of compliments when wearing one of her patterns (for example, here, here and here).

Besides great designs for kids, Compagnie M. also features a couple of very clever designs for women. Their latest release is the Nina Skirt and Culottes, including teens and women sizes (available both in paper and pdf versions). As I don’t think the culottes would suit me (I’m afraid I’m a tad too short for it), I decided to try the skirt which features a lovely A-line shape.

Faithful to my style, I chose a simple version with side-invisible zipper and diagonal front pockets. The pattern includes several options for the skirt and the culottes and if you like pockets you won’t be disappointed (obviously I picked the most classic option …).  Nina skirt#2I when shopping with my friend Marta (who, by the way, sew a skirt and a culottes version of this pattern, here) at a newly opened shop, The Craft Company, in Cascais (they stock Liberty fabrics, Merchant & Mills and much more and the store alone is worth a visit – full of sewing antiques and a friendly owner. I’m so thankful I don’t live close enough. My wallet needs a safety distance from this sort of place).

Fabrics: Deep blue Linen from Merchant & Mills, Liberty Wiltshire for pockets, piping and waistband lining (unfortunately, I didn’t have enough for a hem facing) and silk taffeta for the skirt lining. Nina skirt#4 The pattern is ready well-written, with step-by-step instructions to guide you along the way.

I don’t consider myself an expert in women’s sewing as I’ve only sew a couple of pieces for myself (mostly blouses and tops), so I was quite concerned before starting this skirt. Nevertheless, I had no major issues (even the invisible zipper went smoothly) and although it did took me longer that one of my girl’s dresses ;), it is definitely a pattern for a beginner that is ready/willing to be challenged (a bit)!

Linen is a great option for summer clothes – as long as you don’t mind about the wrinkles (which I don’t). This was really light weight (and see-through), a full lining was mandatory. I also added interfacing to the waistband (to give it a bit more structure) and shorten the hem by about 3”.

Nina skirt#1

Unlike other versions I’ve seen of this pattern, my skirt has a bit more flare (especially at the bottom). I suppose that’s courtesy of the light-weight fabric I’ve used 😉

Just a final word of caution: Marte recommends that you sew a muslin before cutting your “good” fabric and I totally second that. Honestly I didn’t sew a muslin, because my friend’s Marta did it before (3 muslin) and I borrow hers to get my fitting right – no major mods were made, but using a muslin did help to get a proper fitting at the end.

Nina skirt#5

Love my new skirt (thank you Marte) and I’m even tempted to give the culottes a try 😉

If you’re interested in seeing more versions of this pattern, be sure to check Marte’s blog with links to each of the amazing bloggers bellow (PS. I’m sure you’ll be giving a second look at the culottes – these are definitely not the sort of culottes I wore when I was younger).Patroontour-Nina Happy sewing 🙂

Ana Sofia

31 thoughts on “Pattern Tour | Nina skirt / culottes

  1. Oh, I love your skirt so much!! Both fit and fabric choices are great! The details with Liberty are top 😉

  2. It looks really good on you and the liberty details make it so much special! You should try the culottes! 😉

    1. lol Diana – I’ll try to persuade myself (I think I would need to be an extra 10 inches taller for these). Still, I’m loving all the culottes versions I’ve seen so far 😉

  3. Thanks for the beautiful blogpost! I love your skirt a lot. Although it is inderdaad a bit more ‘classical’ then my personal style. I hope this Nina will become one of your favourite summer clothes! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for this pattern, Marte!
      It’s a lovely pattern and I’ve been loving all the versions – skirt and culottes – I’ve seen so far – it’s easily adapted to so many different fashion styles 😉

    1. Thank you so much 😉 It’s a great pattern and I love the way it lends itself to so many (style) interpretations. It’s a great skirt for office-wear 🙂

    1. ,) Thank you so much Kristin! It’s a bit more time-consuming (than children apparel) but I think it’s totally worth it (at least, I’m sure these will last me more than one-season, lol).

  4. Ana Sofia, I thinking I need to go back to The Craft Company and get some blue linen too. I LOVE your skirt! The Liverty details look amazing and the drape of the linen is perfect!

    1. lol Marta, you need to get some of the yellow linen 🙂 It will look absolutely amazing on you! Thank you so much for all your help ❤

  5. The skirt looks great on you! One cannot go wrong with a classic look. Love the pop of colour in the pockets. Yes starting sewing for yourself is kinda intimidating! My first project was an A line skirt… which never saw the light of a day hahaha

  6. Fica-te 5 estrelas! Adoro o conjunto, tens muito bom gosto e não é só a fazer roupa para a pequena 😉… Tens que fazer mais peças para ti! 😘😘😘

    1. Obrigada Patrícia 😉 A sério que gostava, mas as peças deles acabam sempre por “passar à frente” (e gosto tanto de costurar em versão mini ❤ )

  7. It’s absolutely beautiful! Linen and Liberty are a perfect match! You always have the most amazing fabric choices and style. The skirt looks great on you! Love the flare by the way! And your shoes.
    And you should definitely go for a dress! It’s not that hard. 🙂

    1. 😉 Thank you Sara! Eventually I will sew myself a dress (can’t wait actually). But I know I need a bit more practice …

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